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"Super Dan" off the rails? Lin Dan in his wife’s pregnancy dating Miss intercontinental – Sohu Lin Dan entertainment customers click to view photos] [Zhao Yaqi Lin Danyi Zhao Yaqi. His wife was pregnant during the derailment dating Lin Dan     Sohu Angeles badminton Grand Slam winner of "super Dan" Lin Danju ran in Mrs. Xie Xingfang’s pregnancy? Detective Lin Dan and Zhao five reporters witnessed the mysterious female sweet in October date, Lin Dan went to Guangzhou to play, more mysterious female flesh express door, two people in five star hotel hugs the waist to touch the buttocks to stop flirting. In mid September, Lin Dan and a man and a woman on the street, a woman wearing a peaked cap, walking initiative took Lin Dan’s arm, and Lin Dan did not resist, then three people walked into the restaurant. After dinner, Lin Dan gave the woman home. In the District, a pedestrian carefully, Lin Dan and women walking in front, wearing a red blue T-shirt two men are walking, a walk around the observation of the situation. Lin Dan himself is very cautious, look around. Lin Dan also sent the mysterious woman upstairs, upstairs for two hours. Lin Dan downstairs after a pedestrian ride away. Lin Dan’s wife, Xie Xingfang, was in her pregnancy. In October, Lin Dan went to Guangdong to participate in the National Badminton Team Championships, living in a five star hotel in Foshan. In the beginning, Lin Dan was training during the day and went back to the hotel at night. Xie Xingfang may be pregnant, not to accompany Lin Dan to play. Later, Lin Dan was photographed with a mysterious woman in his hotel after a secret meeting, the two side. While flirting, Lin Dan also feel mysterious woman buttocks. Then Lin Dan pulled the curtains. The second day, Lin Dan to participate in the competition, the mysterious woman wearing a strapless small skirt appeared Lin Dan stadium audience, self swing POSE. According to the detective Zhao five children inferred that the woman had been rumored to have Gao Hu and Zhao Yaqi. In Zhao Yaqi’s micro-blog, has also been drying the day of the stadium photos of Lin Dan.   Zhao Yaqi private photos exposed [Click to view photos]   Gao Hu and Zhao Yaqi suspected old photos that Zhao Yaqi had previously been linked with Gao Hu, according to people familiar with the exposed material, Gao Hu and Zhao Yaqi Ceng Tongju for five years. Zhao Yaqi was born in Liaoning Province, graduated from the Department of law, Zhongshan University, Central Academy of Drama, Chinese mainland actress, model. In 2005 thirty-fourth the Miss intercontinental competition and won the second runner up of miss China. Had participated in the film "lily", "man made", as well as the TV series "not do not want to marry," "knife team" and so on. Lin Dan 14 year old love Xie Xingfang this year, the life of a son of the first met, and then she was fascinated by her, "I heard that you were at the age of 14 on the secret love of the, really?" "I think that I have a chance to see you." "I love you." "I love you." Lin Dan" Lin Dan did not hesitate to ask the reporter’s question: yes". "At that time, Fang still seem to play doubles, she wore a neat short hair. We in the stands exclaimed: Wow, long legs ah, is good high ah……" Memories of their own and Xie Xingfang’s first visit, Lin Dan said really. At that time, he heard his teammates in the discussion: "it should be playing badminton girl is the most beautiful!" Not相关的主题文章: