Survey said 12% consumers are willing to buy Apple wireless headset is far more than apple watches winlinez

The survey said 12% of consumers are willing to buy Apple Wireless Headset far beyond Apple watch BI Chinese station reported in September 30th in the new fall conference, the Apple Corp launched a wireless Bluetooth headset, called "AirPods", although the product has not yet officially started selling, but a consumer survey shows that people desire to buy it, has more than the advent of more than a year of apple watch. Bank of America Merrill Lynch conducted the survey, the survey showed that 12% of U.S. consumers surveyed said they would like to buy Apple Wireless headset. Apple wireless headset has not yet begun to sell, many consumers have not personally seen the product, foreign media pointed out that the people’s desire to buy Apple’s marketing shows that doing a good job. Merrill Lynch said that for Apple’s new hardware, this is a positive signal, if 12% of U.S. consumers to buy headphones, which means that apple can increase revenue of $three billion. After the advent of Apple Wireless Headset, naturally encountered a number of Tucao, such as the design is not perfect, $159 pricing is really high, while the size of the compact but easy to lose. In the survey, nearly 90% of consumers are not willing to buy to buy the headset, including: at present the hands of the headset is good enough, still can continue to use (accounted for 56% of respondents), the new headset is too expensive (accounted for 40%). 12% of the desire to buy, and Apple’s other new products compared to what is the case? Apple’s latest hardware is listed last year, apple watches. In the fall conference, Apple launched the second generation of apple watches. Merrill Lynch poll shows that only a small number of respondents have bought Apple watch generation, while only 8% of consumers said they plan to watch the second generation. Technology media and Wall Street analysts for Apple watches and poor evaluation. Although listed more than a year, but Apple Corp has never announced sales or sales revenue, analysts can only guess estimates. "Wall Street journal" estimates that in the first year of listing, apple watches contributed $6 billion in revenue. According to the United States authoritative technology market research firm IDC statistics, in the two quarter of this year, apple watches sales of only $1 million 600 thousand, compared with the last quarter of the two quarter fell by 56.7%. This statistic is also corroborated by the external evaluation of Apple watches mediocre. The United States science and technology media also pointed out that Apple watches dull market performance, should give Apple executives bring a reminder that they should put more energy from the wearable product transfer to launch next year, "the ten anniversary of the new mobile phone". (compile dawn) recommendation: focus on "generation AI" micro signal (tencentAI), reply to "Standford", for "Stanford University: artificial intelligence and life" 2030 Report Download link.相关的主题文章: