Suspected Wu Jing derailed scene map exposure also had his wife’s pregnancy beauty kiss recorvidown

Wu Jing suspected derailed exposed site map   also had his wife during pregnancy kissing beauty record – Henan Channel – Wu Jing suspected derailed, a prominent blogger recently on micro-blog broke Lin Dan derailed, and coupled with the related video, caused a great disturbance, everyone’s attention is high. But now the Lin Dan affair is not finished yet, the blogger has once again exposed material, directed at the well-known martial arts star Wu Jing, netizens immediately jittery, is a new round of derailment, and also to cheat dirt? The first to release a comparative literary photograph in his micro-blog on the blogger on the man in front of the car photos, see profile almost can’t tell who it is, but that he is a martial arts star. At this time, many netizens speculated. But the bloggers just reply this said Wu Jing’s friends, and this finger expression is directed at Wu Jing Wu Jing, it seems this is really to be broke…… Although the material is a normal star paparazzi burst, but many users because of the influence of the Lin Dan incident, many people think that marriage can’t help the hand to go, after all, Wu Jing now seems to love the family, love, but also the history of the past than Lin Dan not to go ah! The media had irreparably broke in Xie Nan’s pregnancy, said Wu Jing will not only beauty, still embrace kissing in front of the hotel…… Before the media to take Wu Jing to dinner with friends, parting at the gate of the hotel with a woman embracing passion, a big belly and Xie Nanting alone shopping scene is also the media photographed. In the evening, Wu Jing was wearing a short white T and camouflage pants, and the tap flip flops were very leisurely. I saw Wu Jing out from the hotel first, behind two girls and three brother together. Probably will be too excited or drank too much wine, a beauty and Wu Jing together, Wu Jing is also very welcome, will not hold up. From the left to the right, swinging on both sides. Another beautiful woman laughed in a very exaggerated way. The two separated from each other, and a group of six people walked along the street together. Who did not embrace the beauty all the way face very exaggerated, in the separation of the occasion, more directly with Wu Jing hung up. Then a turn directly around Wu Jing’s neck hold together to form a clique. Wu Jinggang began to be very honest in his hands down, however after beauty hair touched each other again after the hand on the shoulder, then, Wu Jing and friends farewell after they drive away. (Yang Tianzi, commissioning editor Ding Xiaofang) 疑似吴京出轨现场图曝光 也曾有妻子孕期激吻美女的前科–河南频道–人民网   吴京疑似出轨,最近知名博主在微博上爆料林丹出轨,并配上了相关视频,一时引起轩然大波,大家的关注度可谓居高不下。但现在林丹出轨的事还没完呢,该博主又再次曝料,矛头直指知名的武打明星吴京,网友立刻风声鹤唳,难道新一轮的出轨、不忠猛料又要来了?   这位博主日前率先在自己的微博上放出一张比较文艺的照片的男人上车的照片,看轮廓几乎看不出来是谁,但是他提示是一位武打明星。这时就有很多网友纷纷猜测了。但是这位博主却单单回复了这个说吴京的网友,而且这个手指表情也是直接指向吴京,看来吴京这次真的是要被爆料了……   虽说狗仔爆个明星的料实属正常,但很多网友因为受了林丹事件的影响,很多人不由自主的就想到婚姻情况那一方面去了,毕竟吴京现在看起来爱家、爱子,但过往的历史也比林丹清白不到哪去啊!曾有媒体在谢楠的孕期爆出猛料,称吴京不仅也会美女,还在饭店门口拥抱激吻……   之前有媒体拍到吴京与友人一起吃饭,临别时在饭店门口与某女激情相拥,而谢楠挺着大肚独自逛商店的情景也被媒体拍下。当天傍晚,吴京身穿一件白色短T和迷彩休闲裤,踢踏着人字拖显得十分悠闲。只见吴京率先从饭店走出,身后时两位美女和三位小哥相随。大概是将要分别太过激动又或者是喝了太多的酒,一位美女与吴京相拥在一起,吴京也十分不客气,抱着便不撒手。从左边抱到右边两边摇摆。另一位美女十分夸张的笑着。   二人从各自的怀抱中分开后便一伙六人一起在街上溜达。那位没有拥抱的美女一路表情都很是夸张,在即将分离之际,更是直接与吴京勾肩搭背起来。随后便一个转身直接搂住吴京的脖子抱成一团。吴京刚开始到是十分老实的放下双手,然而之后又在美女头发上抚摸了一下后便又互相手搭肩,随后,吴京与好友告别后便乘车离开。 (责编:杨甜子、丁小芳)相关的主题文章: