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Suzhou families wishing to raise 300 thousand was reported only six thousand hospital said the Yangtze Evening News Network October 28th news (reporter Xue Ma Yi) Party launched a fund-raising in a "donation" on the website, said the mother suffering from breast cancer on both sides, almost spent all their savings at home, the doctor said the follow-up treatment, each month to spend fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan, so I hope to launch fund-raising through a "donation" website. On the other hand, there are users micro-blog Post said the condition did not post that serious, early treatment plus surgery, spent a total of more than 17000 yuan, only about $6800 at their own expense, the doctor did not say that the next month to be fifty thousand. She was cured until the disease, at a cost of about thirty thousand yuan." From the beginning of 27, a report by the user micro-blog together with a fund-raising site events, causing widespread concern in the community. 28 afternoon, the parties to the hospital responsible person in an interview with the Yangzi Evening News reporter said that a "donation" posting content on the site, is indeed a bit exaggerated, but the hospital also can understand and sympathize with the families of patients. As it is not a tax fraud, not easy to comment. At present, a "donation" on the website of the post has been corrected relevant statement, such as to raise 300 thousand to 50 thousand, on both sides of breast malignant tumor to the side, treatment costs 4-5 million are deleted, and some instructions and response. During the interview, the Yangtze Evening News reporter learned that 27 patients have been hospitalized for treatment, ready to start chemotherapy. However, because of this fermentation, patients are not contact, we are also looking for patients, I hope you can come to explain the situation. A "donation" website said: mother suffering from breast cancer, to raise 300 thousand yuan from the users reported micro-blog, see the Yangzi Evening News, a "donation" website sponsors is roughly such statements: mother to go to work in the Suzhou Industrial Park, a factory, dad do security, she is 22 old, just graduated from the school of the students home Jinchang district live in affordable housing, house loan. In September, my mother was ill, go to the hospital for examination, diagnosis of breast cancer, chest and chest are malignant tumors. During the operation, almost all the family savings have been spent. The doctor said, "if the monthly basic medication, in more than fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan before the operation,…… every day in the hospital costs have been unable to bear, if you can not buy medicine, such as condition of further deterioration, really powerless. So I hope you kindly lend a helping hand! Help my mom to get through! Move the information forward!" Users also posted a two suspected sponsors in a donation website posted photos of patients discharged from hospital. However, it can be seen from the photos in the text, the patient was in October 9th to do the surgery, respectively, modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer, right breast tumor resection." The doctor’s advice is: 1. Pay attention to rest. 2, need chemotherapy. Hospital of Suzhou Municipal Hospital. According to the report of the friends of the screenshot, the amount of the target amount of a fund-raising site sponsors 300 thousand, has raised the amount of $18964, the number of support for the 577. Users questioned: the hospital doctor said untrue, she only 68 checks at their own expense相关的主题文章: