Suzhou in the end there are a number of Apple authorized repair points carefully spent money

Suzhou in the end there are several apple repair careful money apple repair third party maintenance according to the official Apple 400 hotline to check the authorized service address to find the past, found that there are two apple repair points on a floor, a big hit "apple" logo, another sign of it this is not obvious, in which? People Miss Tang chose the former, spent several thousand dollars of the money before know, they chose the wrong, which is a real Apple authorized service point. So, Suzhou actually have a number of regular Apple authorized maintenance points? How to distinguish between the official maintenance point and the third party maintenance point? Repair the phone into the wrong door to spend money to spend a lot of Miss Tang iphone6s plus, bought just a year. November 8th, due to careless, the phone fell in the water, the water can not be activated after the boot. In order to find Apple’s official authorized maintenance points, Miss Tang called the official Apple hotline, check the nearest to her home from an official authorized maintenance points located in the 8 floor of the world’s 188 office park. Later, she and her friends to find the past. Take the elevator to the 188 global office building 1, 8 floor, the elevator door just saw a maintenance point, the gate sign is "Scarlett Rachel", here is a little apple logo. Look to the right, the next door is another repair point, a big apple logo. As soon as I saw the big apple sign, I didn’t even think about it." Miss Tang how did not expect, he entered the wrong door. After entering, maintenance personnel claiming to be a chain of maintenance points." Miss Tang has no doubt. After watching the phone, the other said it had been insured, need to pay maintenance, but the screen may still be bad after repair, Miss Tang accepted. In the end, the maintenance cost is 1700 yuan, but the phone screen is very powerful, Miss Tang is not satisfied. Thus, the other party proposed that you can pay for the new machine, Miss Tang asked to upgrade the original 16G memory into 64G, down, plus the previous repair costs, the total cost is 4500 yuan. Originally, the two sides about a few days to get a new phone. However, friends remind replacement costs seemingly wrong, Miss Tang again asked to find the house next door, "Scarlett Rachel" is the real Apple authorized service point, and into their own is a third party maintenance point. Although, through their own efforts to safeguard their rights, Miss Tang took 4500 yuan, but the mobile phone is non authorized service point opened, not allowed to switch. The "official" and "unofficial" only wall reporter went to global 188 office, see the information in the downstairs floor, room 805, hung name is "Suzhou District Jia Gan Jiang Dong Lu communication equipment operating the Department of Rachel, Room 806 is an electronic technology limited company. Look at the name, the two are not "apple" word. Take the elevator upstairs, just as Miss Tang said, on the elevator is "Scarlett Rachel", only in the brand below a small apple logo, indicating the "authorized service provider". And next door, a big apple logo in the door, saying that a full range of maintenance service center, the door of the electronic screen scrolling play these words. Reporters to enter the full range of maintenance service center, the first question is not Apple official grant.相关的主题文章: