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Taiwan media: the Taiwan authorities on the mainland call from you to your original title: attitude becomes tough? The Taiwan authorities on the mainland call from "you" to "you" as the Cai Yingwen administration has refused to recognize the "92 consensus", in Taiwan can not participate in today (27 days) in Montreal Canada at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) meeting. According to Taiwan media reports, in the event of protest message, the Taiwan authorities related units to change the wording of Lu Fang will usually call "you" into "your wording more strongly". The media yesterday asked the Taiwan MAC chairman Zhang Xiaoyue whether there is this, Zhang Xiaoyue responded "yes", "is the expression position with very strong wording". In this regard, the KMT Legislative Yuan caucus total call Liao Guodong said, in the face of problems should be rational to cope, the Cai Yingwen administration with emotional words, to help fight, the whole thing is another, the KMT legislator Xu Yuren pointed out that the government should consider Taiwan’s "foreign" dilemma of how to break, not condemnation. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) today held a meeting in Montreal, canada. Call from "you" to "you" according to the Taiwan Pro Green media "free times" reported on 26, because Taiwan is unable to participate in the International Civil Aviation Organization Congress, the Cai Yingwen administration to change the wording in the relevant units to Lu Fang mail, in part to protest the mail, from the name "Lu Fang You" to "you, the expression of tough stance on the mainland in the part of events. Reported that the Cai Yingwen administration in the cross-strait relations, and the Chen Shuibian administration has been compared to a lot of flexibility, also released many good intentions, including in accordance with the "constitution of the Republic of China" and "Regulations on handling the relationship between people on both sides" and to handle cross-strait affairs, "the mainland" and "China," to call, and there are many past the DPP government different. Reported that, under this premise, the mainland still ignore the Taiwan demands, step by step to the Taiwan authorities the relevant government units to protest the land side, also from the relatively weak gradually turned into hard position, such as the MAC in the ICAO invited by the mainland intervention response, the use of "strong dissatisfaction"; in some protests in the mail, also changed the terms of Lu Fang called "you" to "you more strongly worded". Free times predicted that the second half of next year, the mainland’s tough policy on Taiwan will not change, Taiwan should be fully prepared. The media yesterday asked the Army Committee Chairman Zhang Xiaoyue to the relevant units party mail wording whether tough, Zhang Xiaoyue answered "yes", "give, wording, is expressed with very strong wording position". Taiwan Army Committee Chairman Zhang Xiaoyue in Taiwan did not get ICAO invitation, Zhang Xiaoyue said, Taiwan has expressed willingness to dialogue and consultation, and thus, can be solved through consultation and dialogue, but did not get a response to the mainland, we China, very dissatisfied with regret. 23 Cai Yingwen also expressed regret and strong dissatisfaction ", saying that it is Taiwan extremely unfair treatment," should not because a person does not accept some democratic framework restrictions, and be deprived of Kai相关的主题文章: