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Mac talks in Taiwan County Mayor visit mainland: communication should not be any political premise in September 18th, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee Chairman Yu Zhengsheng met with the mayor of Taiwan County in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing delegation. Mac chairman Zhang Xiaoyue (data plan) original title: MAC said that cross-strait exchanges should not set any political premise yesterday (18 days), CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng and Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun met with Taiwan’s 8 counties. The county mayor delegation and reiterated the "92 consensus", but also to promote the eight Taiwan Affairs Office measures and recognized the "92 consensus" in exchange. This is good for all, the mainland authorities on the mainland instead of calling for careful consideration, saying that should not be preset any political premise, and hope that the two sides can dialogue on the topic. CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng yesterday afternoon met with the delegation of Taiwan county mayor said, "everyone is to insist on the" 92 consensus "local leaders", as long as the political principle, adhere to the "92 consensus", are encouraged to increase exchanges and exchanges of people on both sides of counties. Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang Zhijun said yesterday morning, 8 Taiwan visiting heads of counties and cities in common is "on the" 92 consensus "identity". As long as it is to identify and define the nature of cross-strait exchanges, exchanges and cooperation in the field can be pushed forward". According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, 18, reported that Taiwan’s Executive Yuan, the Commission in the evening to respond to this, the Taiwan authorities have taken note of the conclusions reached by the mainland and Taiwan related counties and cities heads. But the Taiwan authorities reiterated that cross-strait exchanges, including the city, tourism, trade, cultural and academic, should not set up any political premise, nor should the improper interference, we can truly realize the cross-strait mutual understanding and understanding, and promote bilateral cooperation in all areas of the healthy and orderly development and cooperation. Lu said that the mainland called for careful consideration, only the normal cross-strait exchanges and interaction, in order to benefit the virtuous cycle of bilateral relations. The committee also said that since 520, the Taiwan authorities on the mainland in 1992 NPC and CPPCC government communication negotiation history has repeatedly expressed respect for the position, and in the cross-strait policy and related measures as, committed to peaceful and stable development of cross-strait relations. This firm attitude has released considerable goodwill, and trying to narrow the distance between the two sides of the understanding, the mainland should be pragmatic understanding and response. The Committee stressed that Taiwan authorities have always adopted a positive attitude for cross-strait exchanges, cross-strait exchanges, including the city, tourism, cultural and academic should not set any political premise, in order to truly understand each other and understanding. The Commission pointed out that the maintenance of both the results of the two sides and the protection of the interests of the people’s well-being, is the common responsibility of the two sides and the goal, the two sides should carry out pragmatic communication and dialogue in good faith, in order to promote the sound development of cross-strait relations. Tourism on both sides of the Taiwan Strait will help promote exchanges and mutual understanding between the two peoples and have positive significance for the stable development of cross-strait relations. Taiwan authorities welcomed the arrival of tourists to Taiwan tourists stand unchanged, called on both sides as soon as possible on the basis of cross-strait tourism agreement, dialogue and communication on cross-strait tourism related issues. The Commission also called for, do not want because of non economic factors, the impact of the mainland people to Taiwan tourism will, as well as the interests of both sides of the tourism industry. Responsibility into相关的主题文章: