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Taiwan University abuses of stray cats was dropped out of   Disposition — Taiwan channel — people.com.cn original title: Taiwan University abuses of stray cats was dropped out of action according to Taiwan media reports, allegedly at the end of last year and twice in early August this year slaughter of stray cats in National Taiwan University students Chen Haoyang, decided to give the school disciplinary university. At the Lord Linda de said that Chen Haoyang could not get to the university graduation certificate. However, the credits have been completed, can still apply for a certificate to prove the course credits, the future he would like to go to another school or graduate school there are still opportunities. The Chen Haoyang case involving a cat (left). Figure / joint press. At the end of last year, Chen Haoyang admitted killing a stray cat big orange at the beginning of this year, being prosecuted, and killed with triggered conservationist anger. Lin Dade said that the committee meeting last week that Chen Haoyang is again, is the behavior of contact method, in accordance with paragraph sixth of the punishment tenth, Taiwan was ordered to leave. Linda de Chen Haoyang said, drop out, days after the court has not Taiwan University, NTU school not be accompanied by a court, but if he still need counseling, counseling center, NTU will assist in the moral, the past also suffer from depression after graduation, still continued to receive counseling counseling center for half a year. (commissioning editor: Wang Ying (Intern), Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: