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Women in Taiwan or will use "menstrual cup" English media: there are still many taboos – Beijing Reference News Network November 13th British media reported that women have to face the monthly menstrual troubles. In addition to sanitary napkins and tampons, more and more women choose recyclable moon cup (also called menstrual cup). But in Taiwan, due to strict regulations, there is no legal way to sell the moon Cup – but because of a public plan, Taiwan women will soon be able to buy the first moon cup. The website of Broadcasting British Corporation in November 10 published an article entitled "feature: Taiwan period revolutionary activities? The moon cup will be legally available, reported that Ceng Yingfan, 34, is the initiator of the Taiwan moon cup to raise the public plan. Six years ago, Ceng Yingfan set up his own brand, sale of Taiwan first catheter tampons. "Girls are challenged to existing (for women) concept." Reported that the moon cup and sanitary cotton is not the same. The moon cup is placed in the body, and can be recycled. Many girls think the moon is more economical and environmentally friendly. Comparison of tampons, moon cup also has its own advantages. Because the tampon absorbent strong, may lead to toxic shock syndrome. Although the chance is not high, toxic shock syndrome can be fatal. On the contrary, the moon cup lead to toxic shock syndrome chance is much lower, more women around the world are welcome, although the number of users can not catch up with the traditional sanitary products, but many fans are keen to share experiences in the moon cup network. In Taiwan, however, the moon cup is classified as "second grade medical equipment". According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that the health department of Taiwan medical department head Wu Zhengning said, due to the need to put the moon cup into the body, so we must ensure the safety of materials, so as not to cause infection. Both producers and importers need to apply for a permit. Only through the inspection, in order to successfully obtain a license. So many people think that the introduction of the moon cup in Taiwan is a bad investment. Reported that, in addition, even if there is a successful application for inspection and registration of the company, as the moon belongs to the second level of medical equipment, but also can not be sold in the network, disguised to push up the cost. At present, if Taiwan women want the moon cup, they will have to buy on their own or through the internet. However, the purchase of moon cup by these ways to risk the customs detained. Ceng Yingfan’s business is on track, but she wants to challenge herself again. She asked her boss, is her father, invested 300 million Taiwan dollars (about 643 thousand and 600 yuan — the research note) Taiwan’s first moon cup. Unfortunately, he did not promise. But Ceng Yingfan did not give up. In May last year, she began to raise the public plan on the network. Within three days, Ceng Yingfan successfully raised NT $300. Within three months, she almost raised to $10 million. Reported that in July this year, a friend of Ceng Yingfan and the princess in the history of employee authorities in Taiwan related departments platform initiated joint, asked the authorities to open the moon cup legitimate online shopping. If the network platform within 60 days to get 5000 or more signatures, authorities need to respond. Within two weeks相关的主题文章: