Tao Yin, the people’s Procuratorate by the perfect interpretation of the prosecutor – Sohu Entertain-kimi wo omou melodi

Tao Yin "people’s prosecutor" affirmed the perfect interpretation of the prosecutor – Sohu entertainment "people’s prosecutor" Tao Yin stills as propaganda on entertainment news by Sohu, Zheng Yu directed, Tao Yin, starring Yu Rongguang, to commemorate the 95 anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of Chinese outstanding TV broadcasting "people" repertoire of prosecutors from landing CCTV evening prime time. Excellent results, for several days the ratings break 1, ranked in the top three TV drama actor, acting is harvested throughout the online recognition of the audience, justice prosecutors image has also been recognized. "People’s prosecutor" this is a corruption of the drama, it is based on real cases, mainly about the Yan state municipal people’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau joint public prosecution office in the face of complex and difficult cases, calm case, to serve the people of the story. Among them, Tao Yin, acting director of public prosecution, Xia Jingru, the use of the rule of law and the way to perform their duties, the audience praised as the best prosecutor". In last night’s story, because Xia Jingru Wang Shun continue to investigate the case again and her husband quarrel, but fortunately, as a law professor husband can understand his wife who want to understand the urgency of the facts of the case, and has been trying to track down the witness has finally acknowledged his perjury selfish, let the whole case from real one step closer. See has been painstakingly to find evidence of cases more clear, has been chasing the audience, can not help but touched Xia Jingru’s insistence. In addition, there are users comments: continuous efforts, continuous progress, Xia Jingru’s due diligence is the focus, but also have to say that Tao Yin is the one that has the value of the performance of the goddess and the quality of the goddess.   相关的主题文章: