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"Tesla Trooper Yang Yongxin" and his 86 Pack: you admit that addiction imagine you are helpless in the minors, your parents and relatives together you dragged to a so-called "net addiction treatment center". In a fan called "therapeutic room No. 13" in front of the door, regardless of your cries and revolt, several dressed in camouflage uniforms, men will pull you through the door, they put you in bed up, your forehead and temples with saline water wetting, a genial man then came to ask you: "this is the punishment or treatment?" "It’s punishment." Your answer. Severe pain rises in the temple, then swooped into your brain, like countless hot needle pierced the you don’t know the existence of the organ, the sight of you also began to appear in the snow, it makes you fear. The man asked the question again: "is this punishment or treatment?" "It’s punishment!" You are stubborn roar. The current was struck again, more fierce than just in pain under your eyes, turned into a white black background. Your mind is fading away, but your dim sense of hearing now captures a familiar voice outside the door. It’s your mother, and you can tell what she is saying!" You and unyielding struggle for several times, but in despair under the weight, you eventually qiruoyousi say "is the treatment of." This is not "1984", not "beautiful new world", not "we". This is Yang Yongxin’s Network Center, he is located in Linyi, the prefecture level city on the high-speed rail. If the head is not go to the Shandong province of Hebei Province, it is also to visit the network ring center Yang Yongxin. CCTV on the net ring center images of Yang Yongxin and his 86 as the name suggests, to learn the main business is to quit addiction. About Internet addiction is not a mental illness, or need to get rid of much controversy in contemporary medicine, but this does not prevent Linyi city ring network center to take a windfall. In order to let their children with "Internet addiction" to "cure", there are many styled parents to send children to bed for the treatment, Yang Yongxin’s there, in the protection of a group of men, the brave addiction center director Yang Yongxin will ask you many questions, only to answer you with his expectations does not match the "patient" will immediately feel the power of physics. In fact, not only is the network addiction, also known as the Yang Yongxin ring center can cure below all these things: truancy weariness, runaways, rebellious, disregard affection, hatred lie parents, make friends crazy, fights, stealing snatch, puppy love cohabitation, idle, lust, loneliness, inferiority of pleasure is a word, then. Not obedient. From the hospital "patients who described the situation, these problems may seem a great variety, but in Yang Yongxin is a fresh all day, these problems can be in the No. 13 treatment room by the sizzling electric spark and seven or eight strong men to solve. In such "treatment" means, all the patients are crying in and out of the therapeutic room 13 after the parents hold. A discharged patient.相关的主题文章: