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The appearance of Land Rover and Mercedes Benz AMG interior, Changhe Q35 does not want to fire! The car – Sohu Columbia Road (micro signal: daochezhuyi Q35) Changhe tonight is listed as the second SUV models of Changhe brand positioning, slightly higher than the Q25 Changhe Q35 is Changhe "for turning", imitation Land Rover appearance and imitation Benz AMG interior, changed the original vehicle weight not heavy quality, appearance and style, the fire would not have been hard. Columbia Road (micro signal: daochezhuyi) recently had the privilege of value guards economic SUV – Changhe Tao Xichuan Q35 in Jingdezhen Creative Park drive this car. As a native of Jingdezhen, Columbia Road (micro signal: daochezhuyi) certainly know Tao Xichuan is the predecessor of the Jingdezhen ten porcelain — universe porcelain, today Tao Xichuan is in the original dilapidated universe based on a slightly modified porcelain factory, the original style of German Bauhaus workshop is still in. Look back to the past, the universe provides domestic ceramic porcelain production model, a product rate is as high as 87.20%, ranking the first second in the same industry. With the 1997 Guotuiminjin reform tide coming, did not keep up with the pace of industrial restructuring of the universe porcelain decline, now vacant building through the "packaging" into Tao Xichuan, become the heart of the harbor, ceramic workers were hit off the stage, the artist’s paradise. Below is the contrast in this universe porcelain with thousand years of history and culture of the city, Jingdezhen is not only the porcelain brilliant, also has auto industry brilliant, Changhe Automobile is undoubtedly an indelible memory of a generation of Chinese. The former China popular Changhe mini car has laid the foundation to become Changhe Automobile domestic mini car industry "leader", to create the country for 6 consecutive years of mini car sales in the first glorious history. From the beginning of 2003, the market reaction is too slow, paid a painful price, the former top 8 car companies increasingly marginalized. The interior and exterior young Changhe Q3 fine workmanship Columbia Road (micro signal: daochezhuyi) speculation, Changhe chose to show Changhe Q35 in Tao Xichuan, perhaps a revival. In fact, Tao Xichuan fashion style and high value of Yan Changhe Q35 also complement each other, the new car uses the upper and lower split grille grille on the dot matrix design, and wrapped in a large Silver Chrome, and connected with the headlights, the style is very fashionable; the internal structure of the black net like the Mercedes Benz "stars" design; under the air inlet size is large, and with a black, very dynamic, the rear part of the car’s rear lines full, simple design, hanging Q35 logo. Changhe Q3 car design is worth mentioning, Columbia Road (micro signal: daochezhuyi) that is the most fashionable parts of the whole car, fog lights on the rear bumper, domineering style grade, taillights and BMW are a bit like below, to enhance the entire car surrounded by black trapezoid tail layered. In addition, Changhe Q3 is equipped with dual color roof rack, unlike other brands of small SUV only to high.相关的主题文章: