The asteroid impacts the earth to accelerate the evolution of life on earth (video)

The asteroid hit the earth to accelerate the evolution of life on earth about 66 million years ago, a large asteroid collision in the current Gulf of Mexico, resulting in the extinction of the earth’s 3/4 species, including dinosaur species. The latest research shows that asteroid collision earth or will promote the evolution of life on earth. What happens when an asteroid hits the earth? A simulation of scientists shocked Tencent science news according to the British Daily Mail reported that about 66 million years ago a large asteroid collision in the Gulf of Mexico, the huge destructive collision, resulting in 3/4 forms of life on earth was extinct, including dinosaur species. At present, the researchers through in-depth analysis of Mexico Hiker Chicxulub crater, that large asteroid collision will change from the rock to a certain extent, so that they can provide habitat for early life, these rock structure will become more porous, the circulating water can obtain nutrients, at the same time, the smaller the microorganisms provide habitat. The scientists investigated Hiker Chicxulub crater, the most part of the crater is located in the Gulf of Mexico waters, they thought the earth in ancient times similar asteroid collision events may contribute to the early formation of life, when the Earth continues to suffer from rock asteroid collision. An international team of researchers drilled 1335 meters deep under the sea to check the rock samples at the crash site. They found that becomes porous and permeability of rock and rock enhanced asteroid collision density decrease, which will provide an ideal habitat ecological environment for simple organisms, at the same time, by heating the crust within water circulation process to provide nutrients. Research Report, Imperial College London head of Earth Science and Engineering Department of Joanna – Morgan (Joanna Morgan) professor said, the main component of the earth’s surface is early solid granite, the lack of life evolution conceived space. The asteroid collision makes the rock fracture, and the porosity is high, which is the ideal living environment for the early life of the earth. It is hard to imagine the destruction of the asteroid collision of asteroids for the life of the earth is of great significance to promote the development of the early life of the earth. Joanna pointed out that we hope to further analysis of core samples to provide more information on the survival of the underground environment life. Currently, Joanna led the team to search for evidence of modern and ancient life in the asteroid collision zone. At the same time, they want to get on top of the first peak ring will reveal whether the sediment from the sediment, a massive tsunami, at the same time, after help researchers insight into how to restore the life of the earth asteroid collision, and when the earth ecosystem restoration. (long compile)相关的主题文章: