The Audit Commission last year found that 3260 of 2138 people were accountable – Sohu news 3u8547

The Audit Commission last year found that 3260 of 2138 people were accountable – Sohu news Beijing morning news (reporter Zou Le) yesterday released the December 2015 audit "steady growth promoting structural adjustment reforms Huimin students risk prevention policies and measures to implement the results of the audit", last year, total tracking audit found the problem 3260, 2138 people were found accountable for audit. Data show that, in 2015, audit institutions at all levels of audit audit of all kinds of projects a total of 72 thousand and 800, 5286 units of random checks, 3260 problems identified. Among them, the discovery of the track audit is not as slow as the chaos as other issues, all the responsibility accountability for 2138 people, 549 people were affected by the party a serious warning, administrative dismissal and other party and government discipline, 1157 people were admonishing conversation, interviews, 195 people have been criticized, 67 people to suspend the inspection or make a written examination. 90 of the above-mentioned persons were suspected of violating the law and discipline, and they were transferred to the discipline inspection and supervision organ or the judicial authorities. The audit report also released the audit findings last December, mainly concentrated in 4 aspects. Including: the part of the people’s livelihood security work implementation is not in place, 2, 4 province, Liaoning county (city), a total of 684 million yuan relief funds did not play a benefit; Guizhou, Guangxi 3, Shandong provinces of rural drinking water safety, part of the old apartment projects, due to not timely disbursement of funds, lack of preparation. The project fails to start or completion. In addition, the civil aviation operation management center and Meteorological Center construction project for long time to advance slowly, 117 million yuan of fiscal funds idle; Gansu, Lanzhou, North Ring Road project over 3 years has not yet completed. Beijing City 2015 bus fails to complete the task of structural adjustment; some key coal enterprises in Heilongjiang province environmental protection boiler installation is not in place; Jiangxi province mine closure in 2015 out of work not completed on schedule; 2 in Guangdong Province, part of Shanxi city sewage treatment project construction schedule lag. Shanghai City, urban and rural construction and Management Committee designated subordinate units and preliminary design approval of the relevant intermediary service enterprises, and to charge 39 million 809 thousand yuan; Jiangsu province science and Technology Department of the 2 institutions to carry out administrative functions on behalf of technology contract registration work to identify, collect service charges 46 million 823 thousand yuan; Sichuan Province, Songpan County People’s government the establishment of the company received illegal construction units from the gravel collection costs 4 million 389 thousand and 300 yuan.

审计署去年发现问题3260个 2138人被追责问责-搜狐新闻  北京晨报讯(记者 邹乐)审计署昨天发布《2015年12月稳增长促改革调结构惠民生防风险政策措施贯彻落实跟踪审计结果》,去年,共跟踪审计发现问题3260个,有2138人因审计发现问题被追责问责。   数据显示,2015年,各级审计机关跟踪审计中检查各类项目共计7.28万个,抽查单位5286个,查出问题3260个。其中,针对跟踪审计中发现的不作为、慢作为、乱作为等问题,各地对2138人进行了追责问责,有549人受到党内严重警告、行政撤职等党纪、政纪处分,有1157人被诫勉谈话、约谈,有195人被通报批评,有67人被停职检查或作出书面检查。上述人员中有90人涉嫌违纪违法,已移送纪检监察机关或司法机关处理。   审计报告还发布了去年12月审计发现的问题,主要集中在4个方面。包括:部分民生保障工作落实不到位,吉林、辽宁2个省有4个县(市),共684万元扶贫资金未发挥效益;贵州、山东、广西3个省区的部分农村饮水安全、老年公寓等项目,由于资金拨付不及时、前期准备不足等,项目未能按期开工或完工。另外,民航运行管理中心和气象中心建设工程因前期准备时间长推进缓慢,1.17亿元财政资金闲置;甘肃省兰州市北环路中段工程超工期3年多仍未建成。   北京市未按时完成2015年公交车结构调整任务;黑龙江省部分重点燃煤企业锅炉环保设备安装使用不到位;江西省2015年矿井关闭退出工作未按期完成;广东、山西2个省的部分城市污水垃圾处理项目建设进度滞后。   上海市城乡建设和管理委员会违规指定下属事业单位承办与初步设计审批相关的中介服务,并向企业收费3980.9万元;江苏省科技部门所属的2家事业单位代行行政职能开展技术合同登记认定工作时,收取服务费等4682.3万元;四川省松潘县人民政府成立公司违规收取施工单位自采砂石费用438.93万元。相关的主题文章: