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The autumn tourism season: Xinjiang Zhaosu held his familiar "delicacy Festival – travel channel, delicacy October 8th, Zhaosu Jinqiu Tourism Culture Festival", ripe "rating activities held in the taste of delicacy Tianma tourist culture garden. Cadres and people of all ethnic groups and visitors to enjoy the autumn view, horse racing, the common taste "lac" delicacy. The event organized by the Zhaosu County People’s government, Zhaosu business letter Global Commission, Zhaosu County Tourism Investment Co. Ltd., Real Estate Company, Han sheng. The "cooked" taste the delicacy appraisal activities from the catering industry in Zhaosu county and 7 teams in each township race, brought Roasted Whole Lamb, braised goat, belly meat, pilaf and other more than and 10 kinds of distinctive Lakshmi delicacy steamed and boiled, baked, covering, fried and other kinds of production methods. Many chefs have their own production, the secret, even with a theme, the same dish, different chefs have secret in the production process and ingredients, thus showing a different taste. The competition invited the catering industry of Zhaosu County Association of chefs who served as judges, after school competitions Zhaosu County Hotel team select the Roasted Whole Lamb won first prize. It is understood that "luck" is a small goat in Kazakh, especially those born more than 6 months under the age of 1 mountain lamb. Rock climbing mountain sheep can’t go to these goats from the top can, they eat wild herbs, drink mineral water, mountain forest breathing oxygen enriched air, thus more meat delicious, but also has certain health care function. Due to the unique climate of Zhaosu region, Zhaosu, than in other areas of Yili Valley mature early, mid September to late October is the most delicious mutton, the grasslands of Zhaosu time. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > Chinese; > the evaluation of tourists to taste third-prize (commissioning editor: Li Yawen (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: