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The Belt and Road G20 summit Chinese the scheme of sina finance opinion leaders column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Liang Haiming of the world including G20, "The Belt and Road" initiative is a promotion device, driving device, can not only create more friendly international environment, can also promote international economic governance reform, and all over the world together in pildash, behoove. The Belt and Road G20 Chinese scheme G20 summit of the Hangzhou summit will be held soon, because the total amount of GDP G20 accounting for about 85% of the world, an important impact on the global economy, coupled with the summit as a host by the world’s second largest economy Chinese, Chinese will give the G20 what brings new ideas and new as new solutions. Special attention. For the developed countries and regions, in 2008 after the global financial crisis, although the number of western countries, monetary policy is not only the most relaxed, more relaxed, but with a micro, countries still save the economy of good looking. The U.S. economy is improving, but in the global village, the global economy is weak, will suffer spread, can not be an exception. The economic development model, which is dominated by the west, has not been effective, and needs to be changed. For emerging countries, because of its single economic structure and industrial structure is still relatively backward, on foreign demand on very high and domestic political disputes, to solve difficult, not only impact the normal operation of the economy, but also has been looming crises. As for African countries and developing countries, how to eliminate poverty, improve the degree of industrialization, and to ensure sustainable development, we need a new development model for reference and reference. In the face of global economic situation, China as the G20 host, since not passive treatment, in addition to the "good for the global economy as appropriate responsibility", the participating countries should also promote reflection on the global quantity wide, wide and broad "monetary policy, how to intensify structural reforms, to put forward Chinese plan for global economic governance, strengthening the coordination of macroeconomic policies, and actively to the world economic pulse. This will not only enhance China’s economic strength and status in the international economic system, but also to provide help for the development of the global economy. In this regard, Chinese in addition to advocating innovation as a new energy new engine, to lead the global economic recovery, but also to further strengthen to promote the "The Belt and Road construction, increase the" The Belt and Road "in commercial color, and the world to share opportunities which, for global economic governance with Chinese wisdom. "The Belt and Road" can provide power to the global economy, can for the well-being of all peoples, because Chinese proposed "The Belt and Road" initiative is not to challenge the US led western world, nor to challenge the current international economic and financial order. "Belt and Road Initiative" not only for countries especially western countries bring challenges, but will provide a hedge against the risk of channel. In western countries, "the launch of The Belt and Road", is Chinese for freedom of the increase of foreign investment, the China enterprises "going out" option to increase Chinese diversification, and Western China)相关的主题文章: