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The child has a fever to eat Ni Mei Shug Leigh to die? Rumor: Beijing hospital early without the medicine – in life in November 15th reported recently, continues to be forwarded a message in the circle of friends in WeChat Harbin people. Wrote this message: "urgent notice: Director Wang Yunhui maternity hospital sincerely said: five cases of small baby fever treatment, the occurrence of Reye’s syndrome, four died! Last night, a little angel left, hoping to tell the baby’s friends, this drug has been banned children under twelve years of age, children do not use Nimesulide Granules fever, see forward it! It’s the kind of guy that’s yellow!" 14, the reporter contacted on the matter of Harbin Daoli District Health Bureau, the staff said, Daoli District maternity hospital has been revoked in six years ago, there will be no more director called "Wang Yunhui", also recently heard that some children because of taking Ni Mei Shug Leigh lead to Reye’s syndrome, finally died. Subsequently, the reporter in the online search found that this "director Wang Yunhui" message not only in Harbin, there are similar Baoding, Ji’nan, Weihai news, Yantai and other parts of the country, just change the name of the hospital. About the news mentioned in the Nimesulide Granules, the staff said that this medicine has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effect, in 2011, the State Food and drug administration to adjust its clinical use, not for children under the age of 12, the hospital had not this medicine. The incidence of fever in the presence of a small number of symptoms, headache, vomiting, consciousness disorders, liver failure and so on, has not heard of Ni Mei Shug Leigh caused by the Swiss syndrome. Recommendations of the general public, in the use of drugs must follow the doctor’s advice, not blindly medication. (Li Mingzhe)相关的主题文章: