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The controversial event will appropriate forward national regulatory consulting contest: Irving King peep catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor – GUI Haoming in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market, horse horse is a very wonderful convex of the listed company, its main business is the original real estate (formerly the Toronto Stock), although the performance of nothing, but often can make a lot of news, get a great movement, the increased visibility. In recent years, the biggest news, the company suddenly decided to change the name of the horse, announced that it is ready to enter the Internet banking industry, determined to become the industry’s first listed company. Although at the time that the company had no internet financial specific plan, two without any business transformation funds, three has no relevant personnel reserve, even the change of business scope have not yet obtained the business sector, but this does not hinder the company decided to put the name changed. And its name changed, it is precisely the concept of the Internet in the stock market in full swing. Sure enough, the company changed its name, the stock rose immediately. The Toronto Stock horse horse was renamed convex, the market will have a taunt objection, public opinion, Internet users tucao. Remember the exchange also issued a letter of inquiry, require the company to explain the reasons and basis for name. However, according to the listing rules, listed companies have named and renamed the power, then it is, whether it is from the criticism of public opinion from the exchange or inquiries, can not stop the company successfully from the Toronto Stock horse horse turned into convex and rising, when the Internet financial boom, the name of the company this change, indeed give investors a great misleading, especially some small and medium-sized investors really think this company has the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market the first Internet financial shares, so buy high, then naturally can not avoid suffered a great loss. A few days earlier, the Commission spokesman said at a regular press conference, the issue of fraud and IPO for alleged illegal disclosure of information, the Commission audit department decided to officially start the procedure of administrative law enforcement investigation of 6 companies. The 6 companies have a matching pair. This is the Commission since the deployment of special enforcement action, the first batch of cases into the formal filing procedures. Some investors are more curious, what exactly is to look up the question of what? They first thought is that the name is to check? After all, the company changed its name for more than a year, in the transition to the Internet financial enterprises have yet to see what specific actions, and then promote the chairman renamed the company, now has to leave when the secretaries of another listed company. There is no doubt that investors have the right to question the necessity and rationality of the company’s name change in the past, which requires the investigation of the existence of intentional and malicious fraud. Of course, the name of the event changed the name of the horse, but also to the regulatory authorities on the basis of facts, the law as the yardstick to make judgments. However, this has also prompted investors to think about a problem: whether the existence of misleading and suspected fraud, horse horse was renamed convex is controversial, impact on the market is very negative. So, for this kind of event, regulators can not in the body相关的主题文章: