The driver in the car wash a putrid check embarrassment! (video)-liuxiaobo

The driver in the car wash a putrid check embarrassment! How to effectively clean the air inside the car, if your car suddenly had a peculiar smell, how would you solve? Most people should be the car, sent to the car wash shop, clean, remove the smell. However, a female owner, in addition to the smell of the car wash shop, but encountered a rather embarrassing scene. Female owners travel back, that drove out, the results just on the car, but she took a putrid smell nauseous. She used a bit of perfume to suppress the bad smell, and then drove to the car wash shop, so that a good look at the master. Check the car’s air conditioning, the smell is not because of the long-term cleaning of air conditioning. Check the cab and other places, did not find the odor source. In desperation, opened the hood, the results found in a rotten dead mouse, the smell is from here. The female owner, usually do not love health, the car is often left snacks, many snacks are not open to eat. So a mouse is estimated, don’t know why the mouse was dead in the car, the rotten smell. When the store staff to clean the female owner of the car, the car still pulls her for the smelly socks, many fell on the back of the snacks, some moldy. The clerk and the female owner said, this car usually too dirty. The female owner embarrassed didn’t answer, too sloppy is not good ah! So, the car smell, in addition to cleaning shop to solve, you will use what method to solve it? 1, vinegar water deodorant use vinegar to taste, in fact, very good use. As long as the vinegar and water, according to a certain proportion. Then put the car in the volatile vinegar water, can maintain the freshness of the air inside the car, the smell also cleared. 2, the fruit fruit deodorant itself has a kind of fruit, such as oranges, lemons, durian, pineapple fruits of this kind, where you can smell their aroma. The smell of the car, can be removed by fruit, fruit, what fruit do you love, you can put what kind of fruit in the car. 3, bamboo charcoal bamboo charcoal on the car, do not take place, the effect is good. Because of the strong adsorption capacity of bamboo charcoal, you can smell the odor in the air. Moreover, the car can also absorb moisture vapor, very easy to use.相关的主题文章: