The Eleventh China Women’s consumption forum held in Beijing – Sohu isobuster

The Eleventh Chinese female consumer forum held in Beijing – Sohu September 28, 2016, "the Eleventh Chinese female consumer forum 2016" women’s life "blue book released" held in beijing. The theme of this forum is: supply side structural reform to promote women and household consumption". Forum hosted by the Chinese Family Culture Research Association Hong Tianhui. The Eleventh Chinese female consumer forum and 2016 women living in Beijing held a blue book published in the forum, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the ten National People’s Congress, China director, concerned about the next generation Committee General Counsel of consumer Huakun women guidance center Gu Xiulian published a report entitled "supply side structural reform, an important speech to promote women and family consumption" the. She pointed out that from 2005 to hold the first China Women’s consumer forum has been in the past eleven years. Over the past eleven years, China’s rapid economic development, rapid growth of social wealth, increasing income. With the continuous development of the rapid growth of the national economy and the cause of women, and women’s well-being and gain a sense of growing consumer the ability to continuously upgrade, improve the quality of life of the family and the individual desire more urgent. All this, but also for the development of the new normal economic structure of China’s reform provides favorable conditions. Huakun women’s life survey center director Han Xiangjing issued a "survey" China city women’s quality of life of eleventh main data according to the theme of the forum, Gu President talked about three points. First, the supply side structural reform will benefit the majority of women and families. November 2015 and in January 2016, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the central financial and economic leading group chaired the eleventh and the Twelfth Meeting, proposed and studied on the supply side structural reform. General Secretary Xi also stressed the important speech, the fundamental purpose of the supply side structural reform is to improve the level of social productivity, implement the development thought of taking people as the center, to better meet the needs of the masses. Thus, under the guidance of the CPC Central Committee’s decision and the government’s policies, the objectives and achievements of the supply side structural reform will continue to benefit the majority of women and families. Huakun female consumer guidance center director Shang Shaohua released in 2015 and 2016 China city female consumption status of women and family consumption expected two new consumer demand, will become an important field of supply side structural reform. Consumption is the ultimate goal of social production, but also an important driving force to promote national economic growth. Women play a very important role in the national consumption. As the women’s social status and economic status gradually improved, increasing personal income and property, to the family property right is expanding, the vast majority of China urban and rural women not only can decide the personal consumption, also dominate the family daily consumption, and participate in the bulk of household consumption decisions. The study of women’s consumption behavior, household demand and consumption trends can provide important information and direction for the reform of the supply side. Thus, the Chinese women’s consumer forum eleven years, combined with the economic focus of the party and the government, to understand women and home.相关的主题文章: