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The Eleventh China Yuzhou TCM fair 29 opening – Beijing new network in Xuchang in September 25, (Liu Peng) king Sun Simiao Medical Culture Festival and the Eleventh Yuzhou Chinese Chinese medicine fair, will be 29 this month in Yuzhou are officially opened. The 24 day of the press conference, Yuzhou mayor Fan Xiaodong introduction, the current drug Fair will adhere to the "promote the culture of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine industry in the development and growth of Yuzhou medicine" for the purpose, to "health, culture, win-win development as the theme," to higher levels, improve the effect, improve "principle, through carry out various forms of medical and cultural exchanges and economic and trade negotiation activities, to accelerate the integration of traditional and modern culture and economy, mutual penetration, and promote the sustained and healthy economic and social development in Yuzhou. According to reports, during the meeting will be held in local medicine, health industry and city development seminar, 2016 North’s handsome EMBA "Outlook" the prospects of the development of the pharmaceutical industry under the new normal forum, National Superior State grass alliance entrepreneurs forum, the 2016 National Conference of Chinese medicine processing and a series of activities. At the same time, the drug fair 29 opening ceremony, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine will be awarded the "Yuzhou Chinese medicine processing technology heritage base" honorary title, Yuzhou city and Henan University of traditional Chinese medicine will also swap "city school cooperation framework agreement, which will provide opportunities for the development of Yuzhou traditional Chinese medicine industry to bring greater. It is understood that Yuzhou has basically formed a concentrated herbal medicine, Chinese herbal medicine processing, proprietary Chinese medicine production, storage and logistics of traditional Chinese medicine and cultural tourism and other relatively complete industrial system. Up to now, the local has built 25 standardized production base of Chinese herbal medicines, planting area of 400 thousand acres. Chinese herbal medicines 100 thousand acres, 300 thousand acres of woody medicinal materials including medicine, pesticide industry engaged in planting and processing of nearly 100 thousand people, Chinese herbal medicine planting industry annual output value of 700 million yuan, farmers per capita income above 600 yuan, to inject vitality into the development of local economy. Xu Henan Xuchang membership of Yuzhou city is regarded as the first Chinese, known as the Jun porcelain culture, Da Yu culture, the culture of traditional Chinese medicine. History, here is the first slavery Dynasty — China capital of the Xia Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties is also one of the country’s four major center for medicine, known as the "summer", "Jun", "medicine" said. Since 2002, Yuzhou has successfully held the ten drug fair. (end)相关的主题文章: