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The experts stated summer 30 free player: Warrior star + Dual Core clippers next summer warriors task is not small ah sina sports news Beijing on November 2nd news, 2017 free agent year, there are a lot of big players to enter the free agent market, who is the most valuable player? American experts listed 30 free agents in 2017, Kevin – Durant in front of the players are still two, while Griffin only ranked in the top eighth. 1, Stephen curry, 28 years old, completely free player library is one of the players in the League obviously low income. He signed a $4 contract in 2012 for $44 million. Next year, curry is the most coveted player on the market, but he hardly left the warriors. 2, Chris – Paul, the age of 31, players choose the data of the is still very good, but in May next year, he will be 32 years old, this is his last big contract. Paul’s left knee problems, in 2010 received endoscopic surgery. Judging from the data, Paul did not decline in the short term. 3, Kevin – Durant, 27 years old, is actually a player option, if the library next year on the free agent market NO.1, then Durant is 1A. Durant is behind Paul because his real contribution last year was a little worse than that of Mr Paul. But Durant is still young, and the data is very luxurious. 4, Paul – Millsap, the age of 31, the player option, at the age of, he spent his best season in his career, he would like to continue this state to the age of 35 by the age of 31. 5, Kell – Lowry, the age of 30, the player has been known as the NBA has become the real contribution of the value of the player in the ranking of the players, while his contribution to the value of the game ranked eighth, is a typical regular season big kill device. But Lori is 30 years old, he looks better not realistic, but he got a new about fat is very normal. 6, Rudi – Gobert, 24 years old, a restricted free agent Gobert is a rare free player market quality center, previously believed his space is small, estimated Sir will put aside, do not rush to renew, but in fact, the Jazz still love him so much, has signed with Gobert for 4 years the $102 million contract. 7, Gordon – Hayward, aged 26, the players in the summer of, the signing of a contract with the signing of the contract with the president of the United States, but the match of the president of the United States and the United States in the summer of 2014, the United States and the United States in the summer of. Next year will be able to retain Hayward, is the key to whether the West could become a challenger. 8, Blake – Griffin, at the age of 27, the player’s choice of the efficiency of more than a lot of young people, but in the past two seasons, missed the game in the 62, his value has shrunk somewhat. 9, Victor oladipo, 24 years old, a restricted free agent is 24 year old oladipo last season both ends of the real value of the contribution are good players in scoring guard are ranked in the top 10. The thunder has signed a 84 million year contract with him for a further 4 years. 10, Nicola Mirotic)相关的主题文章: