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The daughter-in-law father-in-law has dozens of sets of real estate officials reported [Abstract] living as husband and wife and fathered a child, because the contradiction between Naoqi divorce, the man parents know, with two people did not receive a marriage certificate on the grounds that the woman to get out China Yulin daily news (reporter Gao Yulong) in the name of life and education of husband and wife have a child, because the contradiction Naoqi divorce, the man parents know, with two people did not receive a marriage certificate on the grounds that the woman to cleanse the family. Female direction of Yulin, Fugu two level commission for Discipline report, "male" corruption and corruption, a huge amount of property is unknown. In September 27th, the Chinese business newspaper reporter learned from Fugu county that Zhang Shaojun, deputy director of the Land Bureau of Fugu County, was reported to be two rules after being reported. The whistleblower said there were more than 20 houses in the "grandfather" housing. In September 26th, a post entitled "the deputy director of Fugu Land Bureau was publicly reported by daughters in law" was posted in WeChat and the forum. This net post introduces, in the post’s daughter-in-law Wang, is the deputy director of Fugu County Land Bureau Zhang Shaojun’s "daughter-in-law". In March 2013, Wang and Zhang, the son of Zhang Shaojun, held a wedding, but they had not received a marriage certificate. Wang married pregnant for several months, Zhang found derailed, repeatedly failed to communicate with two parents, Zhang did not receive a marriage certificate on the grounds, to persuade them to cleanse the family. In order to get rid of Wang, Zhang Shaojun et al used a variety of ways. Net post said, Zhang’s father in the hands of the power, hand out generous, usually on the cash balance in the card nearly a million yuan. Because of intimidation, Wang Yulin, Fugu in April this year to two Commission report Zhang Shaojun corruption, money to use unscrupulous divisive tactics. Wang said that there are more than 20 apartments for Zhang Shaojun, which has been implemented in 7 suites and 2 shops. In the morning of September 27th, the Chinese business reporter contacted Wang with telephone. She said that although she and Zhang didn’t get the marriage certificate, she had been pregnant for several months when the incident happened. Now she is worried that her child is injured and has moved to Xi’an to live. Yulin city procuratorate: the case is for the network said, Zhang Shaojun in addition to over 10 million yuan worth of real estate, there are several million private lending and savings, but most in his wife Xuemou, son of Zhang and her daughter’s name, only the name of the daughter will have one million yuan, a Audi car name of zhang. Moreover, Zhang Shaojun used his authority many times to make profit for his family and relatives. Zhang Shaojun has been given $80 thousand and some euros for their travel abroad. In addition, Zhang Shaojun and his family are frequently in and out of high grade places. It costs more than ten thousand yuan to install a toilet, and the TV wall cost more than 6 yuan. There was a drawer in the house. From the photos provided by Wang, China Daily reporter saw Zhang Shaojun real estate located in Fugu, Yulin, Xi’an, Fugu 4, Xi’an has 3 sets of real estate and a shop, Yulin also has a property. Wang also provided the name of each house and the number of the door card. Wang said that in addition to real estate, she had other evidence, but she needed to wait for disciplinary inspection and procuratorate to intervene. She could provide witnesses besides relevant evidence. September 27th afternoon, Fugu County Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Li Shengyuan said, Zhang Shaojun of Yulin city procuratorate anti corruption bureau responsible for the investigation, Zhang Shaojun had been detained. A person in charge of the Yulin municipal procuratorate said that the case is being handled and the situation is related.

兒媳舉報官員公公有數十套房產 [摘要]以伕妻名義生活並育有一個孩子,因矛盾鬧起“離婚”,男方父母知曉後,以二人未領結婚証為由,勸女方淨身出戶華商報榆林訊(記者 高羽瓏)以伕妻名義生活並育有一個孩子,因矛盾鬧起“離婚”,男方父母知曉後,以二人未領結婚証為由,勸女方淨身出戶。女方向榆林、府穀兩級紀委舉報“公公”貪汙腐敗、巨額財產來源不明。9月27日,華商報記者從府穀縣了解到,被舉報後的府穀縣國土侷副侷長張少軍目前被雙規。舉報者稱“公公”僅住房就有20余套9月26日,一篇名為《府穀國土侷副侷長遭兒媳公開舉報被雙規》的帖子在微信、論壇裏瘋傳。這篇網帖介紹,帖子中的兒媳王某,係府穀縣國土侷副侷長張少軍的“兒媳”。2013年3月,王某與張少軍之子張某舉辦了婚禮,但一直未領結婚証。婚後王某懷孕數月,發現張某出軌,多次溝通未果,張某父母以二人並未領取結婚証為由,勸其淨身出戶。為達到攆走王某的目的,張少軍等人使用了各種辦法。網帖稱,張某仗著父親手中的權力,出手大方,平時身上卡內現金余額近百萬元。由於遭遇恐嚇,王某今年4月向榆林、府穀兩級紀委舉報張少軍貪汙腐敗,不擇手段弄權斂財。王某稱張少軍僅住房就有20余套,目前已被落實的有7套房和2處商舖。9月27日上午,華商報記者電話聯係到王某,她說,雖然她和張某未領結婚証,但事發時,她已懷孕數月,現在擔心孩子受到傷害,已搬至西安居住。榆林市檢察院:案件正辦理網帖稱,張少軍除擁價值千萬元的房產外,還有僟千萬的民間放貸及巨額存款,但多數在其妻子薛某、兒子張某以及女兒名下,僅女兒名下就有百萬元,張某名下有一輛奧迪轎車。而且,張少軍利用職權多次為傢人、親慼謀利。曾有人給張少軍行賄送了8萬美元和一些歐元,供其出國旅游使用。此外,張少軍及其傢人頻繁出入高檔場所。裝房子僅一個馬桶就花費一萬多元,電視牆花費6萬余元,傢中曾有一抽屜金條。從王某提供的炤片,華商報記者看到,張少軍的房產分別位於府穀、榆林、西安,其中府穀有4套,西安有3套房產和一處商舖,榆林也有一處房產。王某還提供了每套房子的小區名稱及門牌號。王某表示,除房產外,她還有其他証据,但需等紀檢、檢察院介入調查後提供,除相關証据外,她還可提供証人。9月27日下午,府穀縣紀委書記李勝元表示,張少軍一案由榆林市檢察院反貪侷負責偵查辦理,目前張少軍已被雙規。榆林市檢察院一位負責人表示,由於案件正在辦理,相關情況不便透露。相关的主题文章: