The film industry promotion law draft second DeYiShuangXin requirements of the actor Director –

The film industry promotion law "DeYiShuangXin" second draft requirements of actor Director Beijing in new Beijing on 29 August, (reporter Guo Jinchao Ma Haiyan Liang Xiaohui) the film industry promotion bill 29 again submitted to the NPC Standing Committee, the draft two reviewers added to the film performing staff occupation moral self-discipline of the regulations, put forward "DeYiShuangXin" the requirements of the. October 2015, the draft law on the promotion of the film industry to the twelve session of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress held its first meeting of the seventeenth. The first consideration of the draft, some members of the Standing Committee proposed to act in accordance with the law to strengthen self-discipline, improve quality. The draft two reviewers released the same day to respond to the above proposal, the draft strengthened the social responsibility of the film performing arts requirements, increase the provisions of their professional ethics and self-discipline. The second paragraph of article ninth of the draft pointed out: the actor and director of film practitioners should be in accordance with the requirements of DeYiShuangXin, comply with laws and regulations, respect social ethics, abide by the occupation morality, strengthen self-discipline, establish a good social image. In the industry, the movie box office fraud has been considered one of the cancer Chinese drag on the development of the film industry. The draft two reviewers to strengthen supervision of the box office, and to increase the punishment of acts of false concealed box office. The draft stipulates: increase the film distribution companies, cinema statistics, sales revenue should provide the film accurately, making a false transaction means, shall not take false concealed sales income and unfair, deceptive, misleading the audience, disturb the market order of the movie. In violation of the above provisions, the draft also provides appropriate administrative penalties. The first draft of the draft shall not be subject to the contents of the film and organize experts to make specific provisions for review. For example, the draft film should not contain "violating the basic principles established by the constitution, incitement to resist or undermine the constitution, laws and administrative regulations" and "violations of the legitimate rights and interests of minors or damage the physical and mental health of minors" etc.. The draft also pointed out that the film review should be organized experts to review, the expert opinion. Draft two reviewers make further improvements in this regard. Draft two reviewers added that the film may not contain the contents of the "terrorism, extremism," and at the same time the provisions of the film review should be organized by not less than three experts to review. (end)相关的主题文章: