The film side active ” good ” Guo Jingming grand track no price paid —

The film side active " good " Guo Jingming   "grand track" no price paid — entertainment channel — original title: Guo Jingming: "grand track" no price paid left: Yan Yikuan, Fan Bingbing, Chen, William Chan, Wang Duo, Lin Yun winter, "grand track" actor funny photos.   recent star "astronomical paycheck" phenomenon triggered sustained attention, yesterday set a number of popular stars of the "grand track" held a press conference in Beijing, in the face of the film is not the question most of the investment is spent on the cost of actor, Guo Jingming joined the film scene thanks to a public actor, said they understand that the play did not happen, the high price paid. ". Direction Guo Jingming actively "advances" based on a novel of the same name "grand track", in Beijing yesterday released the IMAX3D version of the ultimate trailer. The first launch of the IMAX version of Guo Jingming revealed the tension, saying that in order to do the latter has been in Nanjing, near the home of Shanghai can not go back. In the activities of the previous two days, Guo Jingming suddenly in micro-blog "shelling" "grand track" Chupin music studios, said without his consent, the film side of the cinema POSTER "works" director Guo Jingming words entirely erased, violated his right of authorship. He believes that this is the film side deliberately weaken the Guo Jingming film label, do not want to affect the box office because of him. Especially yesterday came to the scene of the film music as president Zhang Zhao, on the stage all praise Guo Jingming, said his work and bring the world shocked, "I travel the" grand track "trailer to Mumbai, Hollywood, Moscow, everyone was shocked." Zhang Zhao also mentioned the box office prospects, said that small and medium-sized female students "occupation" Wanda office support "the times" picture let him unforgettable, this one is full of confidence, hope and female students can also let the elderly Wanda occupy, not to enter." Perhaps it is to further reconciliation and Guo Jingming, the film side also produced a "Guo Jingming" short film, showing his experience in making this movie. Feel the release of the film side of good intentions, Guo Jingming yesterday did not talk about the name of the poster was erased. William Chan played the villain as too afraid of their own more than the National Archives most movie actors, yesterday the scene full of idol fans to support. Even after the full lineup of Fan Bingbing posters, issued a sigh: This is a group of people who look so unreasonable, and now who works out to have such a lineup." Then she said: "I think whether it is in the summer, the national archives or what files (other films and" grand track ") are not comparable." The film gathered Wu Yifan, William Chan, Chen Xuedong and Wang source and so on little meat, a curious paycheck even price. Special thanks to Guo Jingming for the actors to understand, "I find everyone, when to talk to them, they are (in paycheck aspects) help, no price." Guo Jingming felt that the participating star, each is a man and a woman in a position, "according to their usual price, the cost is not enough." Some of the actors who were there also spoke about the role, Fan Bingbing相关的主题文章: