The game sword God domain vanity now first week sales broke 140 thousand-win7codecs

The game "sword domain of God: void out now" first week sales of 140 thousand according to the original Sichuan broken gravel original light novel "Dao Jianshen domain" produced by PSV and PS4 platform game "sword domain of God:" vanity with cash on October 27th officially on sale. Sales data released this week showed that the sword God domain: vanity now two platform for the first week of the game sales exceeded 140 thousand. According to the ConsumerSoft single game week sales ranking statistics, "sword domain of God:" the void with cash PS4 platform game sales for 70871, PSV platform game sales for 69648, in a single week sales charts were ranked first and second, both the total 140519. Third and for the final fantasy world, the PS4 and PSV version, the cumulative sales than the sword God domain, less than 40 thousand. In addition, the same is a light novel adaptation of the game, "my youth love story really a problem. Continued sales of only 19269, ranked eighth. "The sword domain of God" strong gold absorption capacity is quite amazing. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: