The Inspiring Story Of One Ceo And His Quest To Improve Technology In Education

Economics It’s hard to imagine a student finding success without the most basic internet and technology skills, yet many children in underfunded schools simply don’t have the access to technology that many of us take for granted. Every child should have the same opportunities for success when it comes to technology. That’s why the Fullerton Technology Foundation was created, and that’s why CEO Jason Sugarman has stepped up to bat. The Goals of the Fullerton Technology Foundation This foundation was created because a need was identified: the need for students to be taught in the language and environment of the 21st century. The Fullerton Technology Foundation has many objectives, including: -Creating interactive learning environments in the classroom. – Expanding 1 on 1 technology environments. – Providing effective and long-term technology development for instructors and other school staff. Measurable Outcomes for Success Many of the goals of the Foundation may seem like the type of goals that can’t be quantified, but through rigorous research into what schools actually need, and the timeframe for providing it, numerous goals have already been reached, and the program is on track to reach many more. They include: – 2009: Provided 100 students in the Fullerton School District laptops so they could learn anytime and anywhere. – 2010: 95% of administrators were provided with access to current technologies that allowed them to extend learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. – 2013: 80% of Fullerton District students will be trained on seamless internet use and necessary current computer programs. – 2013: 80% of Fullerton School District Staff (including administration and faculty) will have an understand of the current technology skills for programs, internet, and data. – 2020: The Foundation is on track to reach a goal of providing technology support of more than $1 million. The Difference the Sugarman Family Made There’s no question that the children are indeed our future and that local businesspeople can go a long way toward helping to improve the bright futures of our children. And that’s just what the Sugarman Family has done. It all began when Hilda Sugarman saw the need for the foundation back as early as 2006. She and her CEO son Jason Sugarman provided $250,000 in start up funds to help the Foundation get off to the right start. The initial start up fund was enough to get the ball rolling, and now thousands of electronic devices have been delivered to both students and instructors alike. Technology like iPads, digital microscopes, interactive teaching boards, sound systems, and even digital cameras. Technology in the classroom setting serves two goals: It helps acquaint students with technologies they may need in the work force, and it helps make learning fun and interactive. It is truly a win-win. How the Sugarman Family Got it Started It all began with a fund-raising dinner for $50 a plate and an inspiring speech from Jason Sugarman. Now, after millions of dollars in funds have been raised by the Foundation, the Sugarman family continues to give back to the community and support the Foundation. Jason Sugarman, who is the CEO of MKA Capital Advisors, is a business savvy individual who not only sits on the board of a number of private companies, but is also the founder of numerous successful financial service and trading companies. When professionals at the peak of their careers step up to give back to the community, it sends a strong message. It tells children that there are people who want them to have the tools to succeed, and it sets a good example for other people in the private sector to step up when they can and give back. What started as a simple problem with a seemingly complicated solution has turned into a well-run and successful technology foundation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: