The long road natural moat change thoroughfare — military — rabbit

The long road   natural moat change thoroughfare — military — is located in Sichuan province Luding County of Luding Bridge (March 27th). In May 29, 1935 22, the Red Army men braved enemy barrage, climbing 13 suspended cable dashed, behind the comrades in arms race against time to grab bridge shop, eventually seize tiesuoqiao. Subsequently, the Red Army army captured Luding City, opened the Central Red Army North channel. Today’s Luding Bridge in 13 pieces of iron added 9 cable reinforcement, but both sides suspended cable and trembling bridge, the bridge still let visitors tremble with fear. "Red is not afraid of difficult expedition, the trials of a long journey only lightly." The long march to write the song of the human conquest of nature. The Grand Canyon rapids, mountain grassland, shortage of materials, the area of life, all this can not stop the pace of the red army. Over the past 80 years, however, the long march through the wilderness, now many buildings, thriving; hiking over the mountains, it passes, swampy meadow, swim across the river, built a smooth and efficient road and bridge…… The changes in turn the world upside down Long March, past hardships and dangers are becoming Chong thoroughfare. (Jiang Hongjing) ((Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Lujia Yan Jiaqi)相关的主题文章: