The man robbed the university canteen knife running more than the security for wounded in Beijing

The man robbed the university canteen knife running more than the security for a wounded man – Beijing university canteen after the robbery with a knife. Six people were injured running security and police control JINGWAH Times News (reporter Feng Huamei Zhang Sijia) at 10 yesterday morning, Beijing Chaoyang District Dongyi international media industry park with a knife robbery, robbery man scratch 6 security guards, including a security guard waist was stabbed. Chaoyang police responded that the robbery was arrested on the spot. After the man grabbed the bag with a knife to escape, according to understand, was robbed of Ms. Cao is a staff member of the industrial park, was the Communication University of China student canteen to eat. Suddenly, with his back to the man sitting on the side of the woman to pick up the package to run to the door. Ms. Cao got up and grabbed the bag, the bag man said, there is no money, you give me back the bag." "The woman pulled two robbed bag, but man’s strength is too large, once again took the bag and ran out of the cafeteria, witnesses said. Involved in the arrest of men robbed security Zhang Zhenshou said, robbed woman crying and shouting "I", "suddenly I realized that the man was a thief in front". Zhang Zhenshou said, there was a boy who wanted to escape the man stopped, but the man fled the right hand with a knife threat to get out of the way. Zhang Zhenshou told the other colleagues through the walkie talkie, I would say that there is a thief, a knife in his hand, in the direction of the direction of the University of Western media to escape, please note". Zhang Zhenshou chases the man’s scrambling at the same time, other security holding sticks, iron bars and other equipment to catch up. But if you see someone stop, the man fled on a knife cut. "He is particularly rampant, simply don’t want", Zhang Zhenshou said, to see so many people to catch up, the man put away the bag out halfway, ask you to let him go, "this is impossible, in the industrial park, with a knife robbed, we can’t let him go, has been chasing him". In addition, the man on the way to escape the knife also tried to intercept a taxi, two private cars, but did not succeed. Finally, he stopped a tricycle and jumped up. "The captain drove the car into a tricycle, and a group of us went up and put him on the ground with a stick." Zhang Zhenshou said. More than seven or eight security guards due to the hunt, according to the security team captain Guan Jingjing introduction, there are security and a property officer, a village personnel involved in the hunt. 3 security guards were scratched, of which two hands were injured, 1 people were stabbed to the waist, otherwise the property staff fingers scratched, these 4 people are doing injury identification, there are two people scratch. A security guard in the process of arrest want to hold the bag back by the man stabbed, the wound about two cm deep, three or four stitches, the stay in the hospital for observation. According to preliminary police investigation, yesterday at about 10, Dongyi international media industry park security guard small planting and colleagues in the patrol process, encountered a woman called for help, which has just been robbed. According to the description of the woman, a small edge of the alarm, while using the radio to patrol security guards in the vicinity of the briefing. Soon, small plant and colleagues found the suspect and pursue. The suspect in the escape process, flurried away robbery bag, took out a fruit knife to carry on the wave resistance, and jump.相关的主题文章: