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The man was mistaken for the defendant from court civil judgment: error correction to plaintiff appeared – Shuyang County People’s court in November 18, 1999 made news Sohu. Nearly $30 thousand was deducted from the bank account by the court, "your money was taken away by the court two years ago." This year (2016) on May, working in Nanjing, Zhong Weibing went to the Agricultural Bank of China branch in Nanjing city disk to see their own deposit deposit of 40 thousand yuan a year ago, when the bank was informed of the news of the 3. Zhong Weibing’s first reaction was: "is the bank wrong?" He repeatedly confirmed to the bank, the bank will issue a list to him — "Shuyang County of Jiangsu province people’s court to deduct the deposit receipt notice", roughly content for the bank received Shuyang County People’s court to assist the payment notice, in May 7, 2013 Zhong Weibing in the bank accounts of the 28671 yuan, deduction of the designated account transferred to the court. "Where did I fight?" According to Zhong Weibing introduction, in 2006, he came to Nanjing, in the vicinity of the city of vegetables selling vegetables. Before coming to Nanjing, he earned their home in Shuyang — Zhenxian Xian Guan Village, "never went to court." In June this year, a secondary three Weibing trustee to the Shuyang county court asked how their money "will be planning to go to court without any cause or reason, to help him out of the court in the implementation of the case information," is no echo." November 3rd, surging news contact Shuyang court executive judge Zhong Chao. Zhong Chao said that at present can not determine whether the court deducted the wrong money, if the last year can prove that the court is really wrong with the person, this is the responsibility of the court." According to Zhong Chao introduction, the implementation of this case is based on the plaintiff in November 18, 1999, the defendant and the defendant, Zhong Weibing, the contract of purchase and sale of a dispute in the case of a civil judgment of the case of the defendant, the plaintiff and the defendant in the case of the purchase and sale of the contract, the plaintiff and the defendant in the case of the purchase and sale of the contract in the case of the purchase and sale. According to the judgment and order, "Zhong Weibing Huang Yulei" that year shall pay the purchase price of 9475 yuan and interest, but "Zhong Weibing" according to the provisions of the implementation of the notice of deadline to fulfill their obligations. Until 14 years later, that is, in April 26, 2013, the plaintiff Huang Yulei filed an application to the Shuyang County People’s court, the debtor ("Zhong Weibing") to resume the implementation of this case. "This is the old 1999 case, then the court did not verify the identity information, so now we can not determine who is accused of" Zhong Weibing "." Zhong Chao said, "we can only make the application executor to identify Huang Yulei, look at the money Zhong Weibing is planning to go, is not owed him money," Zhong Weibing "." "But now it’s the delay." Zhong Chao said, because of the person applying for enforcement officer Secretary Huang Yulei ridden him "on our side. Five or six cases are executed, owe a lot of money, basic is not played, so reluctant to yellow court," he doesn’t come, we have no way to verify." However, Zhong Chao said, this thing has been in the past for some time, one or two weeks if the yellow does not appear, then we will be forced to bring him, let him come"相关的主题文章: