The Mekong River action reputation promote the box office counter attack light users

"The Mekong River action" reputation promote the box office counter attack   light users patriotism – the media – original title: "the Mekong River action" ignited patriotism (seven netizens boiling) map "Mekong River action" viewing population statistics (from the network) map of the publicity for the film poster too shocked!" "This is the best gangster film, no one!" Recently, the movie "the Mekong River action" in WeChat circle of friends scraper, the topic aroused heated discussion users. The National Archives released in the film, "the Mekong River action" implementation of the box office reputation double harvest, and lead people to think about the problem the main theme of the film and the fight against drug crime, become a phenomenal hot spot in the field of network public opinion. Push the box office reputation network as a counter attack, promote the theme about drug action movie, "the Mekong River action" beginning not to be optimistic, in the film theaters rate is not high. The first day of the national archives, the box office was behind the "passing from your world" and "grand track". But from the second day, "the Mekong River action" began to force, beyond the "grand track" become the single day box office second. By October 4th, the Mekong "action" has become the box office champion, has since been ranked top. As of October 11th, "the Mekong River action" at the box office has more than 700 million yuan, a Chinese gangster film record. Dikaigaozou, counter attack "the Mekong A new force suddenly rises.," the action is largely due to the good reputation of the network. In the film forum, the Mekong action score up to 8.2 points, can be rated as the leader in domestic films. In micro-blog and WeChat, many people wrote "the concept of the movie active conscience recommend". Know that there are a number of forums around the film to discuss the topic, which on the film hidden details of the discussion, the answer has been nearly a thousand. The search rankings in Baidu, "action" on the Mekong River has been topped the movie search ranking first. Hot online evaluation led to the line under the viewing boom, "the Mekong River action", thus achieving the hugely popular". Popular action against the Mekong River, the people’s Daily published a commentary on the Internet was widely reproduced. The article said, "National Archives and several other popular films, including the popular IP, the star of comedy, such as the market selling elements. The Mekong action will eventually win, mainly related to the production of sincerity." The film based on a true "Mekong case" for the film adaptation, the effect can be close to the facts to the greatest extent, the creative team interviewed was involved in the detection of cases of anti narcotics police, collecting and sorting out hundreds of thousands of words, and further removed Shikoku Golden Triangle area shooting risk. Director Lin Chaoxian revealed that in 3 years of preparation time, the screenplay was written in a total of more than and 20 draft, which has a completely different version of the six or seven version, after repeated modifications, carefully polished, to form the final finalized. Before the shooting, Dante Lam and his team visited several, even into the drug traffickers life village close observation experience. The film also received strong support from the public security department, deputy director of the National Narcotics Control Commission, the Party committee of the Ministry of public security, Deputy Minister of counter terrorism Liu相关的主题文章: