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The most annoying to hear 10 sentences, and John! – Sohu – the mother you are mothers or new mothers, and this sentence as a sentence is: "how do you live with parents, not like the stomach……" Many new mothers are, for their continued abdominal distension, sagging skin and distressed, and this problem to a new mother was a bolt from the blue hits new mothers, new mothers can not say the key, you do not angry, the new mother knows the new mother suffering! The baby can’t you – this can give your baby to wear too little, the baby can not eat milk, baby, baby can not go out…… When new mothers break through all kinds of block a mother-in-law, when pushing a baby walking in the area, there are always some special passionate ladies with fast thunder as pirates jingle bells trend round, after a comment on the baby began to treasure the mother pointing, rare treasure mom stole a moring it was aunt to ramble. I have your baby so thin ah, your milk is not good Baoma certainly clear their baby’s physical condition, the baby had thin treasure mother very anxious, you’re completely is much more rude one disaster after another. I have your baby good fat ah, not too fat, fat love sick chubby baby was look lovely, can this "fat love sick" is not heard, then there are three, one person is wonderful. Moreover, many strong and "rugged" baby fat, he has always been in good health. The next time you try this "chubby baby cute", you can not think of what a compliment, "hey…… The child…… Much…… Ha ha……" We all wow your baby a bit like you, may no longer open. People can not always love to hear the truth yo, lengbuding 1 "your baby looks like a little monkey," October Bao mother to ensure bacteria through with you. Baby due to various reasons, have not good-looking skin, purple grey hair and puffy eyes look not beautiful appearance, but some outspoken is likely to give their own ignorance to dig a hole. What time should we have two babies enough to treasure the mother can not be with you mentally and physically exhausted, hate, etc. because of a few years, you say "what time is it to have a second child." let the treasure mom collapse, imagine, one after another from the nostrils to pull out the radish is what kind of experience the mother, lianzhouzhuan treasure is a disaster, you made it? The joke is not Yo on the minefield! All I said where the taste of milk, you wear such a large lump of milk stains it reminds a bit not elegant Oh, do treasure mom, clothes stained with milk stains is inevitable, wardrobe clothes not a clean, hard as glamorous as before. Not treasure mom to understand myself. The lack of sleep that easy ageing oh mother Bao sleep has become a scarce commodity, swollen eyes always shape!相关的主题文章: