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The National Day travel forecast: the hottest West Lake Gaochun Street into the biggest dark horse – Beijing, the National Day holiday, which most people traffic hub? Where are the most scenic spots? What is the dark horse out of the new attractions? High German map released 29 national day travel forecast report gives answers to these questions. The top ten scenic spots in the list, the Yangtze River Delta region of West Lake, Xitang, Wuzhen, Hukou Waterfall Town, Hengdian, the Bund and other scenic spots accounted for half of the entire list of TOP10, obsessed with the beauty of these visitors will also cause the high-speed road around the popular scenic congestion, such as the Hangzhou beltway, often high-speed, the permanent speed etc.. But the big data show that Shanghai the Bund region surrounding the whole line is relatively smooth, you can rest assured to drive. In addition to the popular attractions list, the more concern is the report of the national fresh rose the most unpopular scenic spot list. According to the ranking sites navigation data of high moral map data in the average daily volume comparison, the largest increase in the national TOP10 scenic street in Nanjing city was popular in Gaochun, visitors rose 180%, followed by Benxi City, Guangyuan city water tunnel scenic Jianmen Pass scenic area, tourists also rose more than 170%, it seems that these scenic spots are a recently discovered characteristic. Enshi Grand Canyon, Xi’an Huaqing Palace are also on the list. Jiangsu scenic heat rankings, the hottest or Zhouzhuang, Confucius temple, Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum, Humble Administrator’s Garden, Tianmu Lake, China Dinosaur Park and Turtle Head Islet are also in the top ten on the list, it is somewhat surprising is the Kunshan poly Hui temple and the Nanjing Youth Olympic Sports Park were also in the top ten list. The report predicts that visitors to Zhouzhuang need to pay attention to the direction of the October 1st 0:00-23:00 Jiaxing often high-speed congestion. Yangzi Evening News reporter Xu Xiaofeng相关的主题文章: