The new Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 5 from the field of poverty a-shishangqiyi

The new Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 5 from the field of poverty alleviation and corruption – unwholesome tendencies in the Xinhua News Agency Lanzhou August 30th news (reporter Wang Bo) Gansu Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, informed the foreign and corruption 5 unwholesome tendencies in poverty alleviation against the interests of the masses, 18 relevant personnel accountable. Pingliang City, Chongxin County town of cypress illegal application of special poverty reduction funds problem. In April 2015, in the town of orchard cypress declaration management projects, violations will be Zhangwancun cypress town has been contracted to others 164 acres of orchards, apply in accordance with the 240 acres, taking the management of orchard project funds 120 thousand yuan. In June 2016, the Pingliang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection received reports, conduct preliminary examination on the issue in the survey, cypress town in order to evade responsibility, assault grant worth 81 thousand and 900 yuan of agricultural fertilizer orchard management to independent farmers. Cypress town Party Secretary Tian Fengjun, mayor Liang Yuanwu were subject to Party warning, the other 6 members of the team are collectively admonishing remarks. Yuchi Longnan city government Liangdang County deputy director Zheng Zhixin illegal enjoy subsidies for rural reconstruction problem. Zheng Zhixin as a national public officials, fabricating false identity, illegal access to rural reconstruction grant funds 5000 yuan. Zheng Zhixin by the party warning, fiscal discipline and income funds have been recovered. Jintanzhen Maiji District of Tianshui Xie village branch secretary Xie Pingshan original et al defrauding rural residents funding problems. From 2012 to 2014, Xie Xie Pingshan served during the village Party branch secretary, the use of his office, to take false personal income and the masses evaluation results and other means, to his brother (the family name for long-term migrant workers) for a class of rural subsistence allowances, for subsistence payments totaling 12 thousand and 300 yuan. Xie Pingshan is one year probation sanction, fiscal discipline and income funds have been recovered. Zhangye city Ganzhou District Long Qu Xiang Dun Yuan village Party branch secretary Zhang Zihai et al use poor people with disabilities grant funding reconstruction. In February 2015, Zhang Zihai and the director of the village committee Shang Jijun to use the name would have been paid to the village with 9 households in poverty reconstruction subsidies for 12 thousand yuan per household, a total of 108 thousand yuan for the village of "well-off residential building" construction project expenditure. Zhang Zihai, is Jijun respectively by the party a serious warning, illegal borrowing funds have been returned to the impoverished disabled households rebuild. Gulang City, Wuwei County Heng Liang Xiang Lu Jia Tai Village Party branch secretary and village committee director Xie Tianrong et al illegal distribution of low premium problem. From November 2013 to October 2015, agreed by Xie Tianrong, Lu Jia Tai Village two former group leader Zhang Shihong the group accumulated 589 thousand yuan low premium illegal average payment. Among them, Xie Tianrong and his family received a total of 4911 yuan; village instruments and his family members of the share of $3965, the director of the village committee of supervisors and their families to share 2220 yuan, Wang Lianke, chairman of the board of directors of the village and the family members of the family and the family members of the village and the family members of the village and the family members of the family and the family members of. Xie Tianrong by the party warning, Li Nengze and Wang Lianke were criticized, Zhang Shihong was dismissed; Xie Tianrong, Li Nengze, Wang Lianke and their families enjoy the illegal low premiums totaling 11096 yuan have been confiscated treasury.相关的主题文章: