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The new landlord remove plug machine lost flashlight water heater 12 crashes hit two cars – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Yao Chuanlong Intern Cheng Jiayi) yesterday, Qiaokou District area occurred breathtaking scene: electric water heater 12 floor of a landlord in the demolition hanging in the balcony, accidentally slipped in the electric water heater to hit the two cars parked downstairs. At present, smashed vehicles have been sent to the 4S shop maintenance, the landlord offered compensation. Yesterday morning around 11, is the home of the rest of the house of Ms. Peng was a loud noise out of the window to the 7. "I heard a loud noise, ran to the balcony looking out, that is the 1.5 person high electric water heater fell in my car." Ms. Peng hurried downstairs, found from the electric water heater hit two cars, just a passing young plug-in electric water heater near the young man afraid that her face was pale. Ms. Peng Changan Mazda to buy a car, behind all the flattening deformation, bearing damage, the tire is broken. The other one was the owner Ms. Cheng also lived on the 7 floor, Ms. Cheng said, when she was at work, suddenly received a telephone neighbor, told her the car is electric water heater falling upstairs smashed. I hurried back, fortunately, the landlord of the 12 floor with more willing to pay compensation." Ms. Cheng’s silver Volkswagen bought nearly 6 years in the field, she provided photos you can clearly see, right two door smashed deformation, rear window glass burst, behind the two seats also smashed. 5 pm yesterday, Wuhan evening news reporters came to the area to see, the electric water heater to fall and two cars are not on the scene, the ground only scattered shards of glass and a pool of brown rust watermark. Living in the 12 floor of the household Ding told reporters that the house was bought from the original landlord shortly before the signing of the transfer agreement last month, has not moved to a new home. Yesterday, I saw some of the plug-in electric water heater aging, so I would like to remove it, I did not expect the accident occurred in the process of demolition, hit the two cars parked in the downstairs. Mr. Ding has been accompanied by two owners will be sent to the 4S shop car repair, and expressed their willingness to and Ms. Cheng, Peng negotiate compensation matters. Plug in electric water heater hit downstairs two cars. Ms. Cheng for map相关的主题文章: