The night of the Mid Autumn Festival Mengniu Huanshuai what hidden secrets drop dead diva

Mengniu mid autumn night what hidden secrets of the Huanshuai Sina Finance opinion leader (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Wang Xianzhi while Sun Yiping left for Lu Minfang Mengniu, but also a lot of problems, such as how to solve the modern animal husbandry and Ashley poor performance problems, the gap between how to catch up and Yili problems, how to solve the problem of Huanshuai shock for the enterprise and so on. The night of the Mid Autumn Festival Mengniu Huanshuai what hidden secrets the night of the Mid Autumn Festival is the day of reunion, Mengniu has announced the move again. In September 15th, China Mengniu Dairy Co (hereinafter referred to as "Mengniu") announced by COFCO group recommendation, approved by the board of directors, from now on the appointment of Lu Min as president of Mengniu Dairy released. Mengniu Dairy Board believes that under the leadership of Mr. Lu Minfang, Mengniu Dairy will continue to focus on quality and innovation, to provide consumers with more and better quality products. According to my understanding, the former Lu Minfang holding Ashley Mengniu Dairy Group ceo. In addition Ashley, Lu Minfang has worked in a number of well-known multinational companies, including Danone as greater china chairman early life nutrition company positions, and in the U.S. General Electric and Johnson (China) held a management position. In the past 25 years of his career, he has accumulated a wealth of FMCG and dairy management experience. For the new president, Lu Minfang said: "thank you, the board of directors and shareholders COFCO Mengniu and colleagues to trust me. Mengniu is Chinese’s leading dairy companies, and I look forward to a strong team of Mengniu together, to enhance the enterprise operation efficiency, further strengthen the channels and marketing system, achievement Centennial Mengniu nutritional health food company dream." Sun Yiping’s resignation had to remind people of more than four years ago, the story of Yang Wenjun’s full term of office of the president of the two, no longer serve as president, the post of president took over by the Sun Yiping. At this point, Sun Yiping was at the helm of Mengniu Dairy, at the time it was widely interpreted as a strategic move of cofco. As COFCO official said, "COFCO expects Sun Yiping to enter a new role as soon as possible, together with the existing management team, in accordance with the established strategy to promote the development of Mengniu, strengthen the quality management system, to provide a safe, secure, for customers with quality products and services". Fingertips, more than four years later. So why did Sun Yiping suddenly leave? Mengniu explained, "Ms. Sun Yiping is due to personal occupation development, to the board of directors resigned, the board of directors accepted her resignation". Well, for executives of listed companies, nine out of ten are so to say. For Sun Yiping more than four years, the evaluation of Mengniu Dairy is: Sun Yiping led the team to continue to promote the "internationalization of Mengniu, + digital" strategy, focusing on creating the star brand, focus on improving product quality, liquid milk and yogurt market share continued to maintain the industry first, efforts for president Sun Yiping during his tenure and make contribution the board of directors fully affirmed and thanks. Tell me what you see here, estimated or puzzled, do well why play quit. In my opinion, a listing相关的主题文章: