The old man at the side of the phone side bank to transfer 400 thousand the police rushed to -candle june

The old man at the side of the phone side bank to transfer 400 thousand   the police rushed to the liar hook – the rule of Law — original title: old side of the phone side to transfer 400 thousand if you stop, my life savings are to be cheated!" Yesterday, the people accept the police visit mother-in-law, fear. 23 PM to 4 am, who lives in Qiaokou party mother-in-law received one claiming to be called a "police department" call handling. During the call, the police learned that her mother had a deposit of 400 thousand yuan in a bank, claiming that the son of the party involved in the mother, must be transferred to all the security deposit account, while keeping confidential, otherwise there will be a big trouble. Aiko’s mother by the party "police" instructions, alone came to Gutian road two in a bank outlets, called to open online banking for online shopping. The bank teller to prompt risk, mother-in-law still insisted to do, had to open the teller and the amount of the transaction control in 5000 yuan, then listen to the phone while leaving her mother-in-law. 10 minutes later, the side of her mother back, said to pay $400 thousand to buy a house, you need to adjust the trading limit. The police received Qiaokou internal security brigade anti fraud training teller repeatedly asked the reason, she refused to disclose the zhizhiwuwu. The teller had contact with the police asked how to deal with the Qiaokou. The internal security brigade instructor Ceng Yongjie aside to let the bank staff hold the mother-in-law, while quickly dispatching police station police rushed to the scene, he also drove to the ground. 5 minutes later, deputy director of the police station in Gutian Road, Li Xiang rushed to the scene, to the side of her mother to show their identity documents, and asked why. Mother insisted that can not say that there will be a big trouble. Police speculated that the mother-in-law suffered telephone fraud, she repeated to the propaganda of anti fraud knowledge. Her son may be involved in the case told skeptical, but still reluctant to tell the police contact their families. Suddenly, her mother’s cell phone rings, her face suddenly tense. Police know the liar’s phone, and after the consent of her mother-in-law, on behalf of the phone. "Hello, I am the Qiaokou Branch police, the police have been involved in the investigation, which is your department?" Not yet finished, the phone hung up. In order to dispel the doubts of her mother, the police took her to the north pier police station, on the spot to check their family information shows that all normal. Then her son rushed to the police station, the mother-in-law see light suddenly. (reporter Xia Yi correspondent Wang Huicangsong) (commissioning editor Liu Rong and Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: