The payment service IPO rumors or coaching mark for the first time listed in Hongkong and at the sam actv

The payment service IPO rumors mark for the first time in Hongkong and coaching or A shares listed at the same time since the Alibaba after the listing, ant payment services have gradually embarked on the separate listing of the road, recently, about the ant payment service market and time belong to the news spread in the industry and fermentation. The day before, according to foreign media reports, the ant gold dress hope in the mainland and Hongkong listed, but at least until the end of 2017 to IPO. Allegedly, a source said, although investors in the market to pave the way for the purchase of ants, but the company is still the business growth in the first place. As of last month, the loan has not yet been linked to the Chinese authorities to start a very long time to apply for the listing, and lined up as many as more than and 700 listed companies. In 13, the Alibaba sponsored the 2016 Hangzhou · Yunxi conference, blue whale TMT gold suit and ant staff contact, and made an interview with ant payment service CEO well Yin Dong’s request, but was refused. However, the Alibaba founder and chairman of the board of directors Ma Yun day ago in Bangkok that has given the answer, he said, "the ant gold suit hope that in the next few years in the IPO, but we’re not sure where or what time listed listed." Prior to this, when he served as president of the Ant King Jing Xiandong has made the same statement, when he pointed out that when the ants began to work on the listing of gold is still no timetable for domestic or overseas listing is possible. The payment service market rumors are repeatedly outflow, multiple versions of ant payment service market news, in fact, first appeared in November 2014, but by Ma said, when he publicly expressed "hope ant payment service market in the A shares, the moment aroused attention of the industry for the ant payment service market problem. At the same time, along with the valuation of the ants continue to rise, the industry’s attention is growing. This year, the ants around the gold clothing listed almost never stop news. Blue whale TMT according to incomplete statistics, before the market rumors, there are 5 companies listed on the news, which caused no small ripples. 1, at the beginning of this year, according to Bloomberg quoted informed sources said, ant gold service will be conducted on 2016 IPO, but has not yet hired investment bank, does not rule out the possibility of domestic A shares listed. In this regard, the ants responded that no payment service listing, declined to comment on the rumors; 2, in March this year, the industry had ants gold clothing planned backdoor’s listed companies Hundsun listed A shares rumors, but was Hundsun issued to clarify the announcement denied; 3, in April this year, Bloomberg quoted informed sources said again the ant, gold clothing plan listed on the main board of Shanghai IPO, is expected to be six years with the highest valuation IPO valuation, and said that if approved by regulators, the ant payment service market in favor of the Shanghai and Hong Kong; 4, in August this year, the media reported that the ant payment service is considered in the first half of next year to start the IPO process in Hongkong. This message was immediately ant gold dress official deny; 5, in October this year, there are media reports that the ant gold clothes are preparing for listing in Hongkong next year, raising a minimum of $10 billion, and ultimately the same gold by ants. Official denial of the service, the latter said there is no specific timetable and schedule listed. ;相关的主题文章: