The postal savings bank public offering to raise about 1.5 times oversubscribed 8 billion – Sohu fin zghd

The postal savings bank sale was 1.5 times oversubscribed raising about 8 billion financial Sohu yesterday, the postal savings bank Chinese H shares public offering official deadline. Specific subscription details will be announced on September 21st. It is understood that the postal savings bank in September 14th began a public offering. As of September 18th, the bank’s international public offering shares at least 5 times oversubscribed. The postal savings bank has successfully obtained 6 cornerstone investors, raising the size of the total 72% to 80%. Among them, for the size of the larger Chinese shipbuilding industry group and the Hong Kong Group, respectively, about 3 billion 400 million and 3 billion 300 million subscription shares, also including HNA Group, State Grid, China Chengtong and the Great Wall information management and other related shares, with 6 month lock up period. In addition, market sources, as of 20, part of its public offering has been oversubscribed by more than $8 billion, to raise funds of about $1.5, nearly 30 thousand people subscribed. The postal savings bank was founded in 2007, is the youngest China large commercial banks, Morgan Stanley joint sponsors of the postal savings bank said, "there is no historical baggage, can the full development of banking business." Market analysts said that in Shenzhen Tong process in the background, the postal savings bank listed in Hong Kong will bring new investment opportunities for Hongkong. Deng Shengxing, chief executive officer of Yang securities estimates, the recent market volatility, even if the short-term IPO market is not active, the prospectus should also be ideal. He believes that the "mainland banks have recently improved the situation, from the mainland bank semi annual report, adverse rate and adverse amount has slowed, the mainland banking sector the worst has passed, it has a positive effect on the postal savings bank prospectus."相关的主题文章: