The price of coal fused start a response NDRC will yield 500 thousand tons to Japan-vidown

The price of coal "fused" start a response: NDRC will yield 500 thousand tons, can be given the reporter in Beijing reported some of the crazy prices to be stable. In September 23rd, the national development and Reform Commission announced that, following the September at the beginning of two level response, increase coal production of about 300 thousand tons, and recently launched a response, intends to increase production capacity on the scale of 500 thousand tons. Relevant departments have studied the follow-up policy measures, the next step, depending on the coal market changes, if the situation is still in the continuation of the increase in the amount of advanced science and technology put into production, to ensure stable supply of coal. The so-called one level and two level response, refers to the national development and Reform Commission curb prices rising too fast in the plan, the Bohai thermal coal price per ton rose to 460 yuan, 480 yuan, 500 yuan, respectively, three, two, start a response, respectively, to increase coal production capacity of 200 thousand tons, 300 thousand tons, 500 thousand ton. Recent rapid rise in coal prices, mainly due to the coal industry to lead to capacity. According to the arrangement, this year to remove 2.5 tons of coal production capacity. At the end of August, has completed 60% of the schedule. Lin Boqiang, director of the center for energy economics Collaborative Innovation Center, said the increase in coal production is the result of the country’s recent flexible adjustment of coal production capacity in. Overall, the pace of coal production still need to accelerate. Because now there are about 5000000000 tons of production capacity, the actual demand this year is only about about 3000000000 tons, the excess is still serious. "A little relaxation, coal production will be crazy to speed up, the price will soon come down, the enterprise once again into a big loss." He said. National Bureau of statistics data show that 1-8 month national coal production was 21.79 tons, down by 10.2%. 1-7 coal mining and coal washing industry profit of 3 trillion and 520 billion, an increase of 6.9%. The national development and Reform Commission this year has been rising coal prices stabilize held a number of meetings, research on coal production, transportation, and the price of the corresponding series of problems, launched the coal level three, level two, level of response. The national development and Reform Commission issued a document that, according to recent market prices appeared rising too quickly, in some areas and some electric power, iron and steel enterprises supply tight situation, the inter ministerial joint meeting and related areas, the relevant industries and enterprises of coal production and transportation held a special meeting, stepping up to the coal supply and demand situation and price trend of consultation and research to study and put forward specific measures. Previously, the number of copies to be circulated online confirmed documents show that the China steel industry association to the national development and Reform Commission report pointed out that, since June this year, the steel industry supply situation every day appeared abnormal fluctuations, affecting the normal production of iron and steel enterprises, research and solve the request. This is manifested in: nearly 2 months of coal supply and demand situation of the original supply of adequate supply to the current tense, and some iron and steel enterprises individual coking coal almost off. At the same time, nearly 2 months of coking coal prices soared, mainly domestic coking coal prices 100-150 yuan per ton, or more than 20% Australian coking coal imports from the beginning of June of $100 a tonne, up to now more than $170 per ton, or more than 60%. Coal Science Research Institute of coal strategic planning and Research Institute Vice President Wu Lixin told reporters that the core issue is the recent rise in coal prices.相关的主题文章: