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The quick assessment: minimum wage wages rise drop – Sohu review finishing four good life happy grass — marriage, children, holidays, wages, celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, family reunion day, this is a good thing. Some people have a happy event, you are a wage. Recently, some media reports, as of September 13th, the country has Jiangsu, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shandong, Liaoning, Chongqing, Hainan, Hebei, Beijing and other 9 provinces raised the minimum wage, an average increase of about 11%. At present, the national minimum monthly wage is the highest 2190 yuan in Shanghai, the minimum wage is the highest hourly wage of $21 in Beijing. This is a welcome news for the broad masses of workers, especially low-income workers, all over the country. However, Sohu users are not too happy, this is why?   Guangdong city of Shenzhen province netizen "distance" complain "Shenzhen the lowest standard is false, not up to ninety percent, the hourly wage is mostly eight to ten yuan, overtime is the biggest characteristic, may every day for several hours, even half a month to a month before the rest of the day, as a statutory holiday, ha ha." Hebei Tangshan City netizen spring rain on the implementation of the Hebei expressed dissatisfaction with Hebei up? No As long as the wages and benefits of workers, Hebei is always a slow shot." It takes time to upload, and your salary may be on the way from central to local. A Shandong city of Jining province netizen "ginseng Yangshengtang 5942" also not tasted the sweetness of the minimum wage in Shandong is able to blow, my monthly salary this year almost less than 1000 yuan, the minimum wage to give me up. Who comes to the tube." Local users to Tucao complain, this salary up to the end where? The purse thing is not trivial, "said in the news often raise wages, workers can’t see the bottom is the wage rising too, but not paid on time, some companies owe half a penny Shi not paid salaries." Tianjin city friends who understand music "policy is good, but the read through the crooked. Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province, the netizen "Searchina Zhejiang good" mind playing their career, but worry about wage increases for workers "against adverse pay would certainly have been spit drowned, but I’m afraid of enterprises because the cost is too high to die, so that people wouldn’t water the moon?" These workers are often the underlying rights difficult, in order to keep the job, it had to let the Habu "Exploitation", so the government issued a nice figure on the matter, like painting a piece of cake.   raising the minimum wage, is the protection of the rights of workers, workers will certainly support, but the adjustment is one thing, but to put into practice, so that the employer will obediently standard wages to workers, it is another thing. Although many people haven’t got the increase in wages, some people are not satisfied with the salary increase, Shanghai netizen "Sun Stone" that wages filled with tragedy "don’t talk to me about the salary, mentioning her eyes had tears!" The netizen must be in Shanghai for the price of tears, today’s 31 provincial capital city, the latest price exposure, north.相关的主题文章: