The record company chief engineer Chen Guangbiao blasting qualification mystery identity doubts winfast

For use of renewable resources in Whampoa  Jiangsu limited company chief engineer Chen Guangbiao blasting qualification mystery identity doubts founded in 2003 (hereinafter referred to as Jiangsu Whampoa  company), in a short span of ten years, according to the head of Chen Guangbiao (micro-blog) stated in the "autobiography" in 2009, the company operating income was 10 billion 300 million yuan, profit of more than 400 million yuan. He is worth more than 5 billion yuan. Chen Guangbiao is behind the performance of the demolition project including "Nanjing Jinling beer factory, Nanjing iron alloy factory, Nanjing heavy oil gas plant, Nanjing coal gas plant, Huaiyin power plant, the Shanghai Nanjing high-speed old bridge, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center in Hexi area, Nanjing old plant, Nanjing thermal power plant and other factories and bridges throughout the country the. Now, however, the core business of Chen Guangbiao, a professional qualification for demolition and demolition, has been questioned. The day before, have proposed to "Chinese whistleblower business", Chen Guangbiao company and blasting demolition engineering qualification of two, there are many questions. In accordance with the provisions of the "standard" level of qualification of construction enterprises, blasting and demolition engineering contracting enterprises must have the corresponding qualifications, which have two functions: one for the special industry threshold limit; two is to ensure the safety and quality of construction. Blasting and dismantling engineering professional contracting business qualification is divided into first and two grade and three grade, each enterprise through the company registered to the Department in charge of construction application, and the qualifications of the enterprises must be raised according to the application by enterprises and technical personnel, and the scale of construction projects and not leapfrog, that to obtain two qualifications must first obtain three qualification. "Chinese business" survey found that from 2003 to 2008, Chen Guangbiao company to carry out blasting and demolition projects anchored by people in Jiangsu group Guangdong branch, Guangdong people group under the Guangdong sasac. Nanjing local enterprises have qualified or only three units: Guangdong people, Nanjing Engineering Institute and Ji Shan blasting, which also shows that the competent authorities of the demolition and demolition of strict control. Chen Guangbiao in his autobiography, said, someone statistics, when more than 80% of the demolition work in Nanjing is completed by Chen Guangbiao. At that time, the streets are everywhere in Jiangsu Whampoa  vest demolition team, a time formed a unique and beautiful scenery on the streets of Nanjing". In 2005, Chen Guangbiao received the project has reached 2 billion". Chen Guangbiao company in 2008 to the Jiangsu Provincial Department of construction for the two blasting and demolition qualification. According to the regulations, enterprises must have two qualifications must have the following two conditions: first, the company has a grade of qualification; two is the size of the company, technical personnel and construction projects in line with the requirements of the. The reporter obtained the relevant materials show that in the technical staff to declare one, the company declared a record of Chen Guangbiao called a technical staff yan. Related materials show, Yan served as chief engineer, was born on July 1967 Day address for mayor of Guangzhou Gang District. Related materials also showed that the personnel department of Guangdong Province issued to Yan Peng professional technical qualification certificate stated, Yan in 1994 3 menstrual general staff of the PLA senior professional title appraisal committee by blasting professional senior engineer, at the same time, the Jiangsu provincial housing department to yan.相关的主题文章: