The Revival Of Uk Retro

Fashion-Style A lot of British citizens can identify with the term "retro". Retro clothing in the UK usually applies to apparel that was was fashionable over twenty years ago but has now be.e the height of fashion once again. The UK’s fashion history is colorful and during the last few decades there have been numerous fashion trends. Retro clothing has undergone a huge revival, watch the TV and you will see that many celebrities, artists and icons are wearing UK retro clothing. Maybe you can remember the Mods and the Punks? The twentieth century was packed with style ideas and a number of fashion trends that had died a death have been reincarnated. Today many people from all walks of life are wearing retro fashions. The Mods At the height of the 1950s the smart but conservative Teddy Boys were considered to be very fashionable. But the Mods felt that they needed to rebel against that image so they created their very own look. The mods wore: . Tweed jackets and slim-fitting suits . Lightweight shirts that were cut like the French and Italians wore during the 1960s . Dark colored ties Many British music bands from this era favored this style and ‘The Who’ were often seen sporting Mod clothing. More recently the ‘Arctic Monkeys’ are regularly seen sporting collared Fred Perry shirts and skin tight jeans, and ‘Pulp’ the famous Britpop band wore clothing that had a touch of "Mod". The Rockers The "Rockers" loved British motorcycles and rock and roll music. Their clothing consisted of well-worn jeans or leather trousers, studs, patches and heavy leather motorcycle jackets. The members of the famous rock band Whitesnake enjoyed wearing "rocker style" clothing. A good few years later the same style of clothing was worn by The Libertines and The Kills. The Punk Era In a roundabout way Punk Fashion was influenced by The Rockers and the Mods. When The Sex Pistols became famous they wore punk clothing. The punks wore: . Clothes that were homemade . They held their clothes together with safety pins . Punks loved piercings . Camo jackets were all the rage Many modern famous designers created punk clothing and Jean Paul Gaultier designed a range of punk influenced gear. Punk clothing is still fashionable and it is worn by many famous style icons. "Green Day" are popular musicians who wear punk clothing. These clothes were in fashion some years ago and they are back in fashion again. The UK retro clothes scene is alive and kicking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: