The Secretary of the Hainan provincial Party committee and the governor of the provincial people’s

Hainan provincial Party Secretary and governor reply netizen nearly 70 messages — Hainan Channel – channel in October 10, Hainan (reporter Mao Lei) the day before, the Complaints Bureau of Hainan province and other units for centralized recovery on "message board" column in the local channel nearly seventy messages to friends Luo Baoming of secretary of provincial Party committee governor Liu Cigui’s message, including education, transportation, and other areas of poverty alleviation. It is understood that the people’s website "local leaders message board" has been established for ten years since its establishment in 2006. In the past ten years, whether the netizens’ message volume or the official reply given by all regions has been rising. In particular, from 2012, the message volume and the reply volume have entered a high speed growth period. In 2013, the annual netizens’ message volume exceeded 100 thousand for the first time. Under the steady growth speed, the message volume of the local leaders message board in 2015 has been close to 200 thousand, and the amount of reply has reached more than 130 thousand. In the first 7 months of this year, the number of netizens’ messages has reached 143 thousand, and the response is more than 100 thousand. As of now, the country has 19 provinces and more than 100 counties to establish a local Internet message handling rules and regulations, carry out the message for the work of the local special forces are arranged for feedback analysis, Internet message, communication, coordination and solution of online and offline Reply to cooperate. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the process, many provinces and cities also established a return visit mechanism to verify the actual situation and effectiveness of netizens’ message processing, and achieved on-the-spot visits and online networking. Please click to view the message (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu)

海南省委书记、省长回复人民网网友近70条留言–人民网海南频道–人民网 人民网海南频道10月10日电(记者 毛雷)日前,海南省信访局等单位对人民网《地方频道留言板》栏目中网友给省委书记罗保铭、省长刘赐贵的近七十条留言进行集中回复,留言涉及教育、交通、扶贫等诸多领域。 据了解,人民网《地方领导留言板》从2006年创办至今已走过十年,十年来,无论是网民留言量,还是各地官方给出的回复量都一直处于上升通道。尤其是从2012年开始,留言量与回复量都进入高速增长期。2013年,年度网民留言量首次突破10万;在保持稳定的成长速度下,《地方领导留言板》2015年的网民留言量已经接近20万大关,各地回复量也达到13万多项。今年仅前7个月,网民留言量已经达到14.3万,回复量超过10万项。 截至目前,全国已有19个省区市以及100多个市县建立了本地网民留言办理的规章制度,开展留言办理工作的地方均安排专门力量分析、办理反馈网民留言,线上回复与线下的沟通、协调、解决密切配合。为了确保办理效果,多个省市还确立了回访机制,对网民留言办理的实际情况和成效进行核查,实现了实地走访和线上联网紧密结合。查看留言请点击 (责编:王宁、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: