The survey shows that there are less than 10% college students with a clear consumer plan-pretty rhythm

The survey shows that there are less than 10% of college students with a clear consumer plan – China News Network (reporter Yang Xueyi) this month, the major colleges and universities freshmen have been reported. In the "treat yourself" mentality, and parents can not let the children be wronged, many freshmen in the purchase of various "Wardrobe", spending a lot of money. And such a consumer mentality, often will continue to the University during the reading, the survey shows that there are less than 10% of college students have a clear consumption plan. "Ten years, through the end, to reward yourself." Liu Chendong just go to school from Hebei to beijing. He had agreed with his father, admitted to 211 colleges and universities to buy Apple laptops and iPhone, in addition to living expenses have to give him $2000 with a set of fashion clothes, parents did not hesitate to agree. In the end, the beginning of the season, Liu spent nearly 15000 yuan, but he does not care. Part of the new so wasteful, is the school head as a symbol of identity, fear of being "down after admission". From Sichuan to Beijing to study Wang Yueli on the "worker’s Daily" reporter said, in order to "first impression" best, she bought fashion, cosmetics and other school equipment". "Even if swollen face fat man, can not fall, but also to know people." Liu Chendong said that these ideas are usually instilled in the parents. However, in order to give their children to buy "Wardrobe", the parents are not easy. A just send away the child’s parents said, "since the children are, how to let him suffer?" And it is this kind of hard work, can not be wronged, the idea, so that parents indulge children regardless of the cost of consumer behavior. In fact, such consumption habits once developed, is not easy to change. Tsinghua University released this year, "Chinese youth financial knowledge and behavior survey report" shows that 40.5% of college students consumption plan, not arbitrary, college students’ consumption plan 22.7% is not clear, only 9.8% of college students have a very clear consumption plan, and stick to the plan. According to the report, although there is no source of income, but the consumption level is not low. 56.7% of college students consumption is 1000 to 3000 January, 28.2% of college students consumption is 3000 to 5000 January, the National Bureau of statistics data show that per capita consumption expenditure of urban residents in 2015 was 21392 yuan, compared to the consumption of college students and the society as a whole, has considerable strength.相关的主题文章: