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The top 10 complaints car brands do not have independent description of the quality of Chinese cars is very good? – automotive quality inspection information collection system (hereinafter referred to as the "system") in August, all of the complaints were released! What is the "system"? A car complaints website, and other complaints platform is not the same place that it is currently the only official official car complaints platform (credible? There were complaints from owners across the country to report on this platform — every day, all the complaints are in strict accordance with the provisions of the State Administration of quality inspection requirements to generate a list of complaints, nearly 40 of a number of key information content, real name, identity card number, mobile phone number, car VIN codes refer to reality are required. Simply put, from the complaint information submitted this step, it is difficult to fake. Why to "system" complaints? These complaints will become an important basis for the regulatory authorities to allow car prices car recall, you can protect the interests of the owners. DearAuto in accordance with the system publicity out of August complaints cases, sorted out in the top complaints were the top 10 car brands. In August this year, the system received a total of complaints, complaints in the past two months, the decline in the trend. 10 the previous list of visible, European and American brands are the owners of complaints more (perhaps a reason of poor sales, 10) were the largest car brand is Chevrolet, Buick, Skoda, FAW Volkswagen, Changan Ford, FAW TOYOTA, Audi, Volvo, BMW, Dongfeng peugeot. It is worth mentioning that, in the top 10 rankings, the Chinese brand list. In fact, China brand car sales also many (such as the the Great Wall, Wuling), but why not complain? Is it because the quality of domestic cars is particularly good? Here the deer had to pour cold water, although in recent years the quality of domestic car brand is more and more good, but because of the domestic car prices are generally low, if the owners encountered small problems are ignored, have also Renzai own money to repair, not specifically on the "system" to make a complaint. So, the top ten list of no Chinese brand is certainly gratifying, but we still have to face this reality. Nonsense not say, the most important to the poor dry cargo, August on the list of car brand is what type of complaint? Go ahead and look down. August in the "system" is the people most complaints top two car brands, SAIC GM’s "sisters flower" — Chevrolet and Buick, coincidentally, both brands are the most complaints models are small SUV (a cool and angkola), most complaints are the parts tire. In addition, hot models such as Chevrolet Cruze, Mai Rui Bao, Buick Hideo, Excelle complaints are many, in fact, is the best models we should pay more attention to the quality of it? (the deer saw a lot of Skoda tire) last month soared to the volume of complaints.相关的主题文章: