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The transit network China Car Festival Play: 50 yuan to grab seats recently, automotive supplies business scene Royal transit network on October 22nd declared the two anniversary of the occasion, for the vast number of car users keep your car, keep a car difficult pain point, held the first "10.22 Chinese car", the car consumption concept advocates worry. This is the industry that is following the Tmall double 11, 618 Jingdong after another big online shopping feast, before the Royal transit network officially launched the first wave of car’s owners benefits, the majority of riders as long as certain time, familiar with rules and preferential play, Jin can enjoy multiple benefits, grab the goods at the lowest price. The reporter understands, pioneered by the Royal transit network "10.22 Chinese Car Festival" will be held from October 18th to October 24th, has attracted Shell, Michelin, Lenovo, Jie Du, Wufu road music, Taurus, turtle and other more than and 300 well-known brands to join in online shopping, is the largest and most abundant, the number of domestic automobile products and the category of the most preferential prices of automotive products e-commerce event. The day before, the relevant person in charge of the Royal transit network car festival revealed to reporters the car festival panic buying car product introduction: panic buying first type: during the period from September 30th to October 10th, the royal road network will be opened China Car Festival warm-up warm-up activities, launched a wave of preferential gameplay and panic buying Raiders, let the riders understand the details of the activities; during the period from October 11th to 17, the Royal transit network will launch the fight luck choudaijiang activities, the majority of riders not only have the opportunity to seat, tachograph thousand dollars worth of free home, still have a chance to have dinner with beautiful surprise Award; October 18th to 24, the Royal transit network officially opened at the two anniversary of the grand Thanksgiving the owner of the station of vehicle feedback activities, the most low price, low peak profit to 90 percent off, preferential firepower, let the majority of riders berserk 7 days. Panic buying second type: October 11th -24 period, the transit network will launch 90 percent off car products daily seckill special, you can enjoy preferential advance the first round in October 22nd before the storm. At the same time, the transit network for the majority of riders send millions of red envelopes, owners get full cut coupons, enjoy a discount on discount, the maximum reduction of 150 yuan! At the same time during this period, the friends every day as long as the 10:00-12:00 orders, the royal road network will be donated 50 yuan car fund immediately, this round of car fund will be sent a total of up to tens of millions of dollars, in the car market after There was no parallel in history. business platform is. The third type: as long as panic buying friends before October 18th in the Royal transit network selection of your favorite car product into the shopping cart, to the two anniversary of the big Pro activity started to push the quick step of purchase, grab the goods. By phone orders, but also access to exclusive offers. At the same time, the owner can also pay attention to the car Oh APP, so that you can always receive the latest dynamic information activities. The panic buying Raiders, Royal transit network relevant responsible person told the reporter: "for example, customers Miss Chen in October 11-24 period, will participate in the lottery every day, she was lucky to draw in a safety seat and a red 100 yuan 1. Seat Miss Chen to choose a price of 199 yuan, and added to the shopping cart. By October 18th, the seat cushion!相关的主题文章: