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Afternoon newspaper: two United will leave by Mourinho behind James MVP criticized the magician Luke Shaw and Smolin Mourinho was severely criticized by the two United will leave before Mourinho severe criticism: a little pain is not on the details? > > United’s 3-1 win over Swansea, at the end of the Premier League’s momentum at the same time, also successfully climbed to the top of the sixth points. But Mourinho is not satisfied, the Manchester Evening News reported that, in an interview with Jose Mourinho, publicly criticized the United Nations two players did not play, questioning their spiritual strength is strong enough.     inter coach has been set! 48 hours later announced that the top will also welcome the changes in the details of the > > international Milan officials will announce a new coach after tonight’s Serie A match against, Italy media consensus on this. But who is closer to signing, is still a question, the media opinions.   23 people were punished severely! U19 fights the longest Game Football Association suspended for 3 years for > > China Football Association official website released a series of tickets in July 12th this year in Qingdao U19 and Yunnan Football Association U19 fights to make the punishment, cancel the two teams to participate in the national youth football League in 2016 U19 (phase fourth) qualification at the same time, there are as many as 19 players and 4 officials have been punished, reached a maximum of 3 years, the shortest is suspended for half a year.   Peng Weiguo: 97 years to lose support different details of > on soil Shuai and Yang Shuai in the tactical Football Association; > as a member of the soil handsome, Peng Weiguo does not think there is a big difference between the local manager and Yang Shuai, he believes that Yang Shuai coached the national team has far more rights than soil handsome coach the national team: "I think they should the biggest difference is the reign of Yang Shuai when the boss’s approval and support, will be much stronger than the soil. This is the biggest difference. In addition to Lippi like this name, there is not much difference between the coach and the other general Chinese soil handsome, because things and training methods we all learned the same. There is no platform, there is no such support, it is very important.   exposure with ginger has promised Zhipeng bodied salary on the Hong Kong team intends to introduce the details of > > R & F more than when playing local players by the other team fancy, including Jiang Zhipeng, Yu Yang, Wang Xiaolong, Xiao Zhi, Zhi Zhao, chen. The first course is international Jiang Zhipeng, just won the 2016 super best lineup of Jiang Zhipeng had been poaching rival at the beginning of the year, and in an interview with reporters after the national team in the October campaign, Jiang Zhipeng still expressed their continued ascension in the cause of the idea. It is reported that, in order to stay in the Jiang Zhipeng also on the treatment and the treatment of the exchange of himself, Jiang Zhipeng, promised to improve treatment.   Cai Zhenhua to visit the country foot just do not say there is no regular thorough decentralization details > > Lippi; arrived in Kunming after the 5 day morning, Cai Zhenhua accompanied Zhang Jian to visit the team Haigeng base. However, he is just to watch the team training on the sidelines, and Jane and team staff.相关的主题文章: