The woman will be lost in the bus station backpack mother dying souvenir ring demonophobia

The woman will be lost in the bus station backpack mother dying ring for the day before yesterday at noon, the public Ms. Zhu Wang in the bus station when a child accidentally lost in the backpack on the platform, so she found lost, panicked. Because she has the most precious things in her backpack. Ms. Zhu said, in your bag, with a gold ring, a few days ago the mother died, leaving only a token of their own. So, how can such an important item be lost? At noon the day before yesterday about 12:50, Ms. Zhu took the children to the Hengtang bus station, shoving a children’s backpack on the platform seat, when the bus, rush to pack forget. Found the child backpack lost, Ms. Zhu immediately go back to find, but where there is a trace of the package. The total value of gold bag of six thousand or seven thousand dollars. Ms Zhu said that although she came to Suzhou to work for more than ten years, but the family has not been well-off, has lived in a shabby rental room. After the incident, she also quickly alarm, check the monitoring at that time. Ms. Zhu said, monitoring shows that the packet is take an age of about 60 years old lady, the last bus left 311. Currently, Ms. Zhu has been the police for help. We also hope that the lady who picked up the package, you can contact Ms zhu. After all, there is a daughter of the mother’s memory.相关的主题文章: