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There is a gun under the stage?! Trump speech scene was bodyguards with Down – Sohu news [] the observer, Xiao local time on November 5th afternoon, the U.S. presidential election Republican candidate Trump in the battleground swing state of Nevada Reno (Reno, Nevada) time to participate in the rally, riots in the crowd, Trump was immediately taken away from the scene. According to foreign media reports, one person was taken to the local police station. According to a witness on twitter, the message shows, when someone shouted, there is a gun!" According to eyewitness reports on twitter, was brought in front of Trump bodyguard, rally was interrupted by a protester, then caused a small commotion. The protesters were arrested by the police. After the suspect was taken away, Trump returned to the stage and said: "no one has said we will have an easy election, but we will never stop…… I would like to thank the secret service, they are too great, they should not be appreciated. Observer network editor found that, according to the live interview at the time, the British Guardian reporter Paul Lewis on the contents of the individual tweets released it seems that the scene was the cause of the commotion was shouting, he had a gun!". However, after Lewis and six witnesses verified, no witnesses claimed to have seen weapons. According to the United States, "Huffington post" reported that although no one can prove the scene of a gun, but some of the people involved in the campaign with the president of the United States, but tried to emphasize that there was a gun at the time of the year, the people’s Republic of China, the. The son of Trump, Donald Trump and campaign news director said it was "". Who is protecting the US presidential candidate? Although candidates are running for president of the United States, but in the final analysis, they are still not public officials in the election, many people wonder why state agents to provide protection for civilians. The observer network provides the reader with some basic facts, which came from Tom, an expert on American political studies, (Tom Murse). The United States Secret Service was founded in 1865, has been part of the Ministry of finance, transferred to the Department of Homeland Security in 2003. In March 30, 1981, the secret service protection from the assassination of President Reagan according to the law, the U.S. secret service to provide protection for a president, a vice president and President of the United States and vice presidential candidate. Under the advice of an advisory committee, the Department of Homeland Security decides which candidates are the main candidates. The main candidates and the family will begin to get the secret service protection in 120 days before the polling day. The 2012 presidential election, the secret service to protect the presidential candidates spent a total of $113 million. According to the "Forbes" in the 2013 disclosure, the secret service has two tasks, one is to protect the U.S. politicians, a survey. While the investigation is actually the main task of the secret service. Assigned to protect the dignitaries agents need investigation task of two years to complete. The starting salary is $43 thousand to $74 thousand. The United States Secret Service basic equipment is currently the SIG P229 hand.相关的主题文章: